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Damage is going to have to be seperated out into a limited number of 'types'. We already have three different mob types as well as multiple different magic types, hence the damage needs to be split out into a few different varieties, and things deal damage according to their own type.

Damage Types

In an attempt to un-complicate things, there will be as few types as possible, built off of existing things.

  • Mortal: non-magical mobs, base weapon damage, and non-magical traps deal 'mortal' or physical damage. Hence, a sword sheathed in magical fire deals seperate damage from the blade striking and from the flames burning.
  • Positive: Life, Mind, Light, and Holy magics all deal positive-damage(see charge resistance).
    • Life
    • Mind
    • Light
    • Holy
  • Negative: Dark, Death, Change, and Mind deal Negative damage.
    • Dark
    • Death
    • Change
    • Mind
  • Elemental: Elemental is actually split down according to it's individual sub-types. So while all Light spells deal 'Positive' damage, Fire spells deal Fire damage instead of 'elemental' damage.
    • Earth
    • Fire
    • WInd
    • Water


There are 7 damage types in all:

  • Mortal
  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Water

As well as an 8th, untyped damage we'll call supplemental. As discussed, weapons deal mortal damage, other sources deal damage following into one of those fields. Damage-types are not necessarily straightforward. For example, non-magical fire deals Supplemental damage, and Ruby Counter-Magic does not reduce it.

Supplemental Damage

Since supplemental damage is untyped, there is no resistance for it and it cannot be reduced. Therefore any effect which deals supplemental damage is much more powerful as it bypasses all reduction.

Stat Damage

Certain spells or effects will cause damage to stats, reducing them either with a timer or until an effect(spell, potion, ability, etc)is used to remove the damage. Some damage effects the buffed stat, others the unbuffed.

Damage Reduction

All six magical damage-types are covered under Spell resistance. Mortal damage is reduced or stopped through armor class.

Resistance Table:

Resistance Tpye:Applies To:
Positive*Life *Mind *Light *Holy
Negative*Dark *Death *Change *Mind
Lesser Path *Fire *Wind *Water
Greater Path*Light *Dark *Mind *Life *Death *Change *Holy
GenesisEverything including Earth

Remember that resistances STACK. So if you have 5% resistance in fire magic and 10% in lesser-path, then you take a 15% reduction when getting hit with a giant fireball.

There is no counter-magic for Earth Magic, making resistance to it very difficult to find. Only the effect Anti-Magic Aura can reduce damage from earth-based spells.


Various Enchantments and other facets or abilities will allow characters to bypass a certain amount of resistance. In this case, their resistance bypass is subtracted from the target's resistance.

The cheif DR-breaker is the Dire-effect found in enchanting(though it will exist in other places). Dire effects are passive and can be applied to any item. They effect any damage being dealt by the wearer/holder. Like resistances, dire effects stack.

Example: an enemy has 50% Fire Resitance, the character is about to deal 100 points of fire damage. If they have something that lets them bypass 10% of the enemy's fire resistance, then the resistance becomes 40% when the attack hits.

Armor Class

Armor Class reduces only Mortal Damage, with a percent based on AC. Each point of AC provides 1% Mortal Damage Reduction. So, a character wearing Simple Full Plate takes 44% less damage. See Armor for details on calculating AC.

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