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Base Armor Rules

Armor comes in 3 varieties: Leather, Chain, and Plate. You must have the appropriate Proficiency in order to wear a type of armor. DV is determined by Proficiency. AC is decided by armor type and quality.

Base Armor Class by Type and Quality:

Type:PoorSimpleFineVery Fine

Base Price by Type and Quality:

Type:PoorSimpleFineVery Fine

For those interested in using basic, pre-existing sets of armor, use these rules. For those interested in fine-tuning, follow the advanced rules.

Advanced Armor Rules

There are three different types of armor: Leather, Plate, and Chain. Unlike weapons, however, there is no further subtype. See Damage for details on how AC affects damage.

Slot is also important, as there are eight different slots to include:

  • Head = Helm/Hood
  • Hands = Gloves/Gauntlets
  • Wrists = Bracers
  • Feet = Boots
  • Shins = Vambraces
  • Legs = Greaves
  • Chest = Vest/Gauntlets/Breastplate
  • Shoulders = Pauldrons

Armor Pieces Sizes

For the purposes of materials, Armor is counted in 2 different sizes. Leg and Chest pieces(Shin, Leg, and Chest slots) are considered "large", while everything else is just called "Medium". This applies as some materials provide different bonuses according to the amount used, and leg and chest pieces obviously use more.

For all other purposes, use the following size chart:

Leg and Chest pieces:

  • Shins = Large
  • Legs = Large
  • Chest = Vary large

All the Rest:

  • Head = Medium
  • Hands = Small
  • Wrists = Medium
  • Feet = Medium
  • Shoulders = Medium

Armor Class

AC is based on size, quality, and weight. Heavy armor has more AC than light armor. Better quality armor protects better than poor-quality, etc, etc.

  • Leather:
    • Base: 2
      • Leg/Shin: 3
        • Chest: 5
  • Chain:
    • Base: 3
      • Leg/Shin: 5
        • Chest: 8
  • Plate:
    • Base: 5
      • Leg/Shin: 8
        • Chest: 13

Quality then modifies these values accordingly:

  • Poor: -1
  • Simple: -0
  • Fine: +1
  • Very Fine: +3

This bonus applies to each piece of armor individual, a full set of Very Fine armor adds an additional +4.

  • EXAMPLE: A full set of Heavy Plate provides 13 for the chest piece, 8 for each leg piece, and 5 for each additional piece. A base suit of Simple Full Plate armor provides 44 AC. Since there are eight pieces, a full set of Fine would then add a bonus of +8, and Very Fine would add an extra +24. The highest base AC is 72, for a full matching set of Very Fine Full Plate.

List of Armor Pieces

A complete inventory of armor pieces. Pieces will always go in the slot-order established above. Notably there is not a whole ton of variation, here.


  • Leather Hood
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Bracers
  • Leather Boots
  • Leather Vambrances
  • Leather Greaves
  • Leather Vest
  • Leather Pauldrons


  • Chain Helm
  • Chain Gauntlets
  • Chain Bracers
  • Chain Boots
  • Chain Vambrances
  • Chain Greaves
  • Chain Gauntlets
  • Chain Pauldrons


  • Plate Helm
  • Plate Gauntlets
  • Plate Bracers
  • Plate Boots
  • Plate Vambrances
  • Plate Greaves
  • Breastplate
  • Plate Pauldrons

Note: Everything else is prefixed by armor-type (leather hood, chain guantlets, etc.) with the exception of the Breastplate, of which would be redundant to say "Plate Breastplate".


While armor can be had as individual pieces(and is crafted as such), it is possible to find complete suits (and craft same). Many named armors will come as entire suits. The suit is equipped as a single item, wearing it consumes all of the armor slots.

Base Prices

In keeping with the weapons table, I will calculate base armor prices here. Since there isn't as much variation, so this will be a pretty straight out and out table.

Armor PieceBase Price
Leather Hood2
Leather Gloves1
Leather Bracers4
Leather Boots6
Leather Vambrances8
Leather Greaves6
Leather Vest10
Leather Pauldrons6
Full Leather Armor43
Chain Helm11
Chain Gauntlets11
Chain Bracers22
Chain Boots42
Chain Vambrances53
Chain Greaves85
Chain Gauntlets128
Chain Pauldrons44
Full Chain Armor396
Plate Helm66
Plate Gauntlets51
Plate Bracers56
Plate Boots85
Plate Vambrances72
Plate Greaves128
Plate Pauldrons106
Full Plate Armor986

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