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Facets are little elements of your character that grant abilities or provide bonuses. Unless specifically flagged as a class Facet, assume any of these can be taken as free facet choices.

Free Facet Lists

At some point, this will contain a list of all facets That can be taken freely. The sections bellow will include details on all facets, some of which are granted only to specific races and classes.

Proficiency Facets

See Proficiencies. Taking one of these as a proficiency grants you access to anything that requires that proficiency; however you do not receive a bonus to it as you do a character Core proficiency.

Active Ability Facets

Taking one of these Facets grants you access to the Activated Ability. See Activated Abilities for what these actually DO.


  • Blind
  • Poison
  • Knockdown
  • Impact
  • Potion Weapon
  • Healing Draught
  • Split-Second
  • Break Ward


  • Injure
  • Sneak Attack
  • One-Shot
  • Threaten
  • Command


  • Multi-Shot
  • Aim on the Run
  • Full-Round Aim


  • Power Attack
  • Disarm
  • Shield Bash
  • Great Cleave
  • Brutish Stomp


  • Enforce
  • Wit
  • Quiet
  • Silence
  • Junction
  • Judgement
  • Motivate
  • Consecrate
  • Ward

Proficiency Enhancements

These make proficiencies stronger or grant extra abilities to those that have the proficiency. Obviously, you need to have the facet that grants the proficiency to make them work. All of these are regarded as free facets and can be taken anytime a free facet would be available.

Fighting Facets


Wielding Facets

  • Large 2-Weapon Fighting - allows you to equip Large 1-handed weapons when dual-wielding. Requires: Special Proficiency - Dual Wielding
    • Very Large 2-Weapon Fighting - allows you to equip Very Large 1-handed weapons when dual-wielding.
      • Immense 2-Weapon Fighting - allows you to equip immense 1-handed weapons when dual-wielding.
        • Three-Handed Fighting - you may equip a 2-handed weapon to your main-hand and fight with it as if it were a single-handed weapon.
          • Four-Handed Fighting - you may now equip 2-handed weapons as if they were 1-handed, both main-hand and off-hand.
            • Serial Escalation - you may now dual-wield any weapon listed as type: Ranged, and receive an additional bonus if anyone comments on the absurdity of doing so.
  • Dual Shot - allows you to use throwing weapons with both hands and make an additional attack each turn. Requires: Weapon proficiency - Thrown; Special Proficiency - Dual Wielding

Weapon Focus Facets

Rather than list all of these out I'm just going to explain how it works. Every weapon has a Supertype, Subtype, and Type. The Supertype is the basic proficiency. These facets give you extra bonuses for various specializations. Example:

  • Weapon Focus: Swords - Grants a bonus to attack when using a sword. Prerequisites: Weapon proficiency: Bladed
    • Weapon Focus: Longsword - Grants a bonus to attack when using a Longsword. Prerequisites: Weapon Focus: Swords.
  • Weapon Finesse - Glancing Blows now deal weapon + damage in addition to their base damage. Prerequisites: Any Weapon Focus: Subtype facet. Anti-requisites: Weapon Strength.
  • Weapon Strength - Weapons that would crit on 3 dice now crit on 2. Prerequisites: Any Weapon Focus: Subtype facet. Anti-requisites: Weapon Finesse.

Dice Facets

  • Extra Strike - on your effect dice table, 3 now counts as a Strike.

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