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To Simplify matters, the spell lists are being split across multiple pages, since I quickly realized that trying to have them all in one place was a nightmare.

The Star Rating on a spell is always equal to the Stars + the caster's Rank.


  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Water
  • Light
  • Dark
  • Mind
  • Life
  • Death
  • Change
  • Holy
  • Force


  • Physical
  • Mystical
  • Effect
  • Elemental
  • Aura


Spell NameTpyes go here, separated by commasSchool
Description Goes here.
Casting SpeedMinimum Level: #[Star Rating]Cool Down: #


The mage raises their hands and expels a massive ball of fire. It races forward until striking a single target, then exploded in all directions, dealing 1d6 fire damage per caster level to all targets within a 25-foot radius.

Fast CastMinimum Level: 100Cool Down: 8

Ultimate OfferingMysticalDeath

Calling up the ultimate powering over life and death, the mage offers up one being as a living sacrifice to transform it's ethereal essence and very life force into a weapon, to be immediately targeted at another, dealing 1d6 damage per the sacrificed victim's hit points to the target. The sacrifice must be a Mortal being and must actually die.

Fast CastMinimum Level: 24*********Cool Down: 80, 1 Week

Endo-Mage Spell List

These are the spells accessed by those using Endo-Magic:

The *MRPG Auramancer also has access to some Effect spells from this list.

MRPG Endo-Mage Spell List

Exo-Mage Spell List

Spell list belonging to the MRPG Exo-Mage

MRPG Exo-Mage Spell List

Fireball Physical Fire '
You lob a massive ball of all-consuming fire at a target, it then explodes outwards and deals additional damage to everything within a 25-foot radius. Deals 3d6 damage to the initial target and 1d6 to secondary targets. Each Junction adds 1d6 to both base and secondary. Junction Max 10 + level.
Fast Cast 0 N/A 6

At this time, only Exo-Mages have access to the Exo-Mage List, but that has the potential to change.


Learned Spell List


Granted spells

Aurmancer Spell List

You can probably guess.

MRPG Aurmanacer Spell List

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