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Endo-Mage Spell List


These are spells gained in the normal process of leveling.

Additive Gain

Additive Gain: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 23

First Progression (Level 0)
First Progression

Spell Stutter Effect Mind
You disrupt a single target's concentration momentarilly, interupting a slow-cast spell in progress.
Fast Cast 0 ****** 6

Mind CrunchEffectMind

The mage inflicts a hammer-like blow to a single target's psyche, rending thoughts asunder. Targets take 1d10 + 1d10 per rank penalty to Intelligence for the duration of combat.

Fast CastMinimum Level: 0*****Cool Down: 6

Shallow GraveEffectLight

Targets a single undead enemy and removes the 'un'. There is no damage calculation; if the target fails to resist and fails to evade they are simply destroyed. Strong undead may be immune to this effect.

Slow CastMinimum Level: 0*******Cool Down: 20

Heroic StanceEffectMind

You gain a bonus to DV equal to 2 + Rank. Lasts 1 hour. Multiple castings do not stack.

WeaveMinimum Level: 000Cool Down: 6

Heals a single target for 25% of maximum hit points.
Fast Cast0 #00Cool Down: 6

Detect Evil Mystical Holy
Reveal the Intent and Allignment of a single target. Can also be cast as an area-effect.
Fast Cast 1 *** 1

Dayglow Effect Light '
Creates an orb of shimmering light able to to illuminate any recess. The ball feels weightless and will hover a few inches above a hand or surface, and can easily be balanced. If thrown into the air it can go quite far but moves very slowly, equivalent to running speed. It can also be dropped and will fall.
Fast Cast 0 0 1

Blazing Light Physical Light
Deals 1d6 + 1 per level Positive damage to a single target.
Fast Cast 0 0 6
Second Progression(Level 3)
Second Progression

Inflict Physical Life
Inflict deals 3d6 + 1d6 per 2 levels above Level 3 Mortal Damage to a single target.
Fast Cast 3 ***** 6

Keen Arrow Physical Light
Fires an arrow of pure light at a single target. Deals 1d6 + 1d6 per Rank Positive Damage and pins the target in place for 2 rounds.
Fast Cast 3 *** 6

Percussive ForcePhysicalForce

Deals 1d6 +2 per level Positive Damage

Fast CastMinimum Level: 3***Cool Down: 3

Mind ArmorEffectMind

You enchant your equipped robes so they provide some level of protection, helping to deflect attacks. This provides a DV equal to your Magical Proficiency, Effect. Lasts 1 hour.

WeaveMinimum Level: 300Cool Down: 1

Soul Bond Physical Life
Heals friendly targets within sight of the mage for 1d8 + 1d8 per Rank, for 3 rounds.
Fast Cast 3 N/A 6

Lesser Divination Mystical Holy '
Has a 50% chance to reveal hidden things, including invisible monsters, hidden doors, traps, etc.
Fast Cast 3 0 4

Oration pacifies up to three targets, forcing them to kneel and listen in awe for 1d8 rounds.
Fast Cast 3 ***** 6
Third Progression(Level 6)
Third Progression

Circle of Binding Effect Mind
Traps a single target within a magical seal. Sword attacks, spells, and other exterior effects my enter the circle, but the target traped inside is unable to reciprocate. Each round, the target may attempt to break free. Lasts for 9 + Rank rounds.
Fast Cast 6 ****** 8

' Armor of Wind, Level I Mystical Light
Bathes the target in searing light, slowing weapons and turning arrows aside. The target takes 30% less Mortal damage for the duration of the spell's effect. Lasts 6 rounds.
Weave 6 0 2

' Bathe in Light Effect Light
You gain the ability to see the hidden, invisibile monsters any anything that would hide in darkness is iluminated to you. Objects hidden by Perception checks become clear. This does not reveal invisible things. Lasts 8 rounds
Fast Cast 6 0 6

Wellspring of Life Physcical Life
Heals a single target for 50% of maximum hit points.
Fast Cast 6 N/A 6

' Ghostbane Mystical Holy
Instantly destroys a spirit-type creature or deals 10d10 damage to a Shade. Stronger spirits may resist this effect.
Fast Cast 6 *** 6

' Mind-Bind Effect Mind
You force a state of confusion and dissarray on up to 3 + RANK targets, leaving them unable to attack for 3 rounds.
Fast Cast 6 *** 6
Fourth Progression(Level 9)
Fourth Progression

' Armor of Wind, Level II Mystical Light
Bathes the target in searing light, slowing weapons and turning arrows aside. The target takes 80% less Mortal damage for the duration of the spell's effect. Lasts 6 rounds.
Weave 9 0 2

Mind Crush Effect Mind
With outstretched hand, you touch an enemy's psyche, and crush it. Any target takes 6d6 Untyped Damage. Targets who do not exceed the Star rating become dazed and are unable to attack or defend for 6 rounds.
Fast Cast 9 ***** 10

Holes of Endless Force Effect Force
You prick several tiny holes in the fabric of the material plane, focused around a single target. The target takes 2d20 damage and is overcome with a terrible feeling of needles all over. Each hole binds the target slightly, leaving them frozen, immobile, and open to attack for 1d4 rounds/
Slow Cast 9 *** 6

Sword of Platinum Effect Light
You enchant a target's weapon, giving it supperior strength and quality. This weapon gains 2 damage dice and deals an additional 1d4 untyped damage. Does not affect shields. Lasts 1 day.
Weave 9 N/A 6

Arch Angel's Bolas Physcal Holy
You hurl a bolas of pure light at a target, inflicting damage along with a trip effect. Deals 1d6 Light Damage an inflicts Knockdown. When casting this spell, roll 1d20, on a 17-20, reset the cool down to 0.
Fast Cast 9 ********* 4
Fifth Progression(Level 12)
Fifth Progression

Great HealEffectLife
Heals the entire party for 50% of maximum hit points.
Fast Cast10 #00Cool Down: 6

' Armor of Wind, Level III Mystical Light
Bathes the target in searing light, slowing weapons and turning arrows aside. The target takes 30% less Mortal damage for the duration of the spell's effect. Lasts 6 rounds.
Weave 12 0 2

Savage Force Geyser Physical Force
Throwing your arms wide, you shoot a single ray of force from each finger, arching them over obstacles and striking targets. Can be used to attack a single target 10 times or 10 separate targets, or any combination thereof. Each ray deals 1d4 Untyped damage +1 per Rank.
Fast Cast 12 N/A 6

Field of Final Warding Mystical Holy
You inscribe a magic circle against evil in the air around you, creating a barrier ten feet in diameter. Any enemies crossing this barrier take 10d10 Positive Damage. The circle persists for 6 rounds.
Fast Cast 12 N/A 6

Uncountable Sigils of Mana Effect Mind
You cast this spell to remove all other spell and ability cool-downs from yourself and the entire party. Can only be cast once per rank per day, and does not reset it's own cool down.
Fast Cast 12 N/A 20
Sixth Progression(Level 15)
Sixth Progression

Raise Dead Effect Life
You bring a single target back from the dead with 1 hit point. It is best not to question it further.
Slow Cast 15 N/A 6

Become Angels Mystical Holy
You enchant the entire party, coating friendly targets in a beautiful white light. You are overcome with a sense of serenity and divinity. This weave provides 10% Genisis damage reduction and gives everyone enchanted with it 1 + Rank additional defense dice. It also adds immunity to critical hits. Last 8 minutes.
Weave 15 N/A 6

Mind Bind Physical Mind
You seize your target in a vice-like grip of mental manipulation, forcing them to stop and freeze, tense. Effects 1d6 targets.
Fast Cast 15 *** 6

Swords of Light Physical Light
You harden the light around you into a troop of dancing blades. The blade has 10 AV and cannot be hit, but will disapear if you are struck in combat. Summon 1d4 swords that remain for 3 rounds. Each sword gets 1 attack per round and may attack a seperate target.
Fast Cast 15 N/A 6

Impact Physical Force
You cast a more powerful version of the Impact ability, knocking down all targets within a 25-foot radius.
Fast Cast 15 ******** 6
Seventh Progression(Level 21)
Seventh Progression

Lifespring Defense Effect Life
Heals all party members in site to full health and adds 100 temporary hit-points.
Fast Cast 21 N/A 10

Shackle of the Archmagi Effect Mind
You go temporarilly catatonic while gaining total control of a single target, you see through his eyes and may manipulate his limbs as your own. Lasts until you voluntarily stop it or are interupted in combat.
Slow Cast 21 **** 6

Ritual of Negation Effect Light
You produce a powerful burst of light, seering away unwholesome effects. This dispells anti-magic auras and removes all Weav spells cast by hostile targets.
Fast Cast 21 N/A 6

' Smite the Wicket Effect Holy
Slays a single target with holy fire, burning the body to ashes. This is a Destroy effect.
Fast Cast 21 ***** 20

Empty Hand Physical Force
You open your palm and unleash a cone of force 30 degrees wide in front of you. It extends from your palm for 30 feet. Any enemy targets within the cone take 20d4 Positive damage.
Fast Cast 21 N/A 6
Eighth Progression(Level 23)
Eighth Progression

Resurrection Effect Life
Bring a single ally back from the dead with full hit points and no active cool downs.
Slow Cast 23 N/A 8

Rune of Death Effect Mind
You inscribe a single rune of death upon an enemy's mind, causing them to believe their head has been severed. This is not an effect-kill and can take out targets immune to death effects. The target must be inteligent enough to be cognisant of the effect. Powerful enemies will still resist.
Fast Cast 23 ******** 8


Waves of Blinding Light Physical Light
With the flick of a wrist, you send out three waves of blinding light, 10 feet wide and proceeding for 60 feet. You may choose a different direction for each wave. Any targets caught in the wave are blinded for 1d6 rounds and take 3d10 Positive damage per wave.
Fast Cast 23 ***** 8

Trumphet Blast Mystical Holy
You strike down a foe with a single, intense blast of light and sound, deafening them with the blare of angels' trumphets. Weaker targets are destroyed full(destroy effect) stronger targets may resist and take 12d12 points of Untyped Damage.
Fast Cast 23 ***** 8

Twilight Hammer Physical Force
You summon a massive hammer of pure force and bring it down on a single area 10 feet by 10 feet, dealing 6d6 Positive Damage to all targets within the zone and inflicting a knockdown effect that lasts for 1d6 rounds. This can knock down otherwise immune targets.
Fast Cast 23 N/A 6, 1 day

Subtractive Gain

Subtractive Gain: 5, 10, 15, 20

First Progression(Level 0)
First Progression


The mage raises his hands and expels a massive ball of fire. It races forward until striking a single target, then explodes in all directions, dealing 1d6 fire damage per caster level to all targets within a 25-foot radius.

Fast CastMinimum Level: 100Cool Down: 12 - Rank

Underworld SwarmingEffectDark

Creates a black pit of inky black shadows across the floor. Shadowy spiders and bugs crawl out of the darkness and swarm upon anything standing in it. All enemies within the circle take -4 to all stats and loose 3 attack dice due to the distraction. Lasts 3 rounds.

Slow CastMinimum Level: 0*****Cool Down: 6

' Cleansing Ember Mystical Death
Cleansing Ember deals 1d4 + 1d4 per Rank of Negative damage to all nearby enemies.
Fast Cast 0 0 3

Shadow Mystical Dark
You become cloaked in shadows and generate 50% less threat. Lasts 4 rounds.
Slow Cast 0 0 6

' Deception Effect Mind
You cast a spell of deception on a specific target, attempting to confuse and trick them. This spell adds +5 to your Deception score. Lasts 1 event. Cannot be used in combat.
Slow Cast 0 3 1 hour

Levitation Effect Change
This spell allows you to temporarily levitate small objects and manipulate them. At Rank 0 you can only control tiny things, such as feathers, coins, keys, etc. At Rank 1 you can move fist-rized objects, at Rank 2 something about the size of a sword, and at Rank 3 you can move large objects such as furnature. This spell cannot target units.
Slow Cast 0 N/A 6
Second Progression(Level 5)
Second Progression

' Tunic of Iron-Weave Physical Change
Enchants the caster's robes so that they become like a suit of armor. For the purposes of this spell, the caster uses their Physical magic proficiency in place of armor proficiency and gains the apprpriate AC and DV bonuses. Lasts 1 hour.
Weave 3 0 12

Dark magic RitualEffectDark

The mage weaves a spell of darkness around herself, cocooning and encasing her essence. Whenever the character casts a negatively-charged spell, they gain 1 additional dice when rolling on any spell in the Dark school or a Subtractive Progression. Lasts 1 day.

WeaveMinimum Level: 500Cool Down: 6, 1 Day

Curse Mystical Dark
You lay a foul curse upon a single target, weakening them and touching everything they do. Curse-afflicted enemies loose 4 + Rank attack dice and move 50% slower.
Fast Cast 5 ***** 6

Arc Lightning Physical Change
You arc a bolt of magical lightning at a single target. This spell can pass over enemies and bend around some obstacles. The spell casts 1 bolt + 1 per Rank. Each bolt deals 3d6 Negative damage.
Fast Cast 6 0 6

Summon Stone Physical Change
You summon an enormous rock and lob it at your target. Deals 2d10 + 1d20 per Rank Mortal damage.
Fast Cast 6 N/A 6

Enchant Weapon Effect Change
Enchants a weapon do deal 1 additional damage dice on a successful hit. This spell does not improve AV. Multiple castings do not stack. Lasts 1 day.
Weave 5 N/A 6
Third Progression(Level 10)
Third Progression

Cloak of Invisibility Mystical Change
You become fully invisible to the naked eye, unseen by by mortal means. Casting a spell or making a sword attack will not break the spell, but will alert enemies to your general location. Lasts 10 rounds
Weave 10 0 1

Acid Arrow Physical Change
Creates a wad of of acid and slings it at a single foe. Deals 2d6 + 2d6 X Rank Negative Damage.
Fast Cast 10 0 6

Reaping of Pawns Mystical Death
Sends out a wave of darkness that attempts to envelop and kill any Mortal-type enemies. The wave is ten feet wide and extends for 25 feet ahead of the mage. There is no damage, if the targets fail to resist and fail to evade, they die. Affects only Mortal-type enemies.
Fast Cast 10 ***** 10

Feast of Gluttons Mystical Dark
You release a wave of dark energy from around you that attempts to sap magical energy from any mystical or mortal beings around you. The waves washes out and then crashes back upon you, touching a 25 foot radius. Any enemies within the target area must make an evasion check or be stunned for 1d6 rounds. All affected targets loose 20 DV for the duration of combat. If the spell is successful, the mage may reset 1 active cooldown for each target stunned.
Fast Cast 10 *** 12, 1 hour

Acidic Barrier Physical Change
Lays down a line of potent acid 10 feet long and 2 feet wide. Any enemies attempting to cross the barrier take 2d6 Negative damage. Barrier persists for 3 + Rank rounds.
Fast Cast 10 N/A 6
Fourth Progression(Level 15)
Fourth Progression

Orb of Deadly Blur Effect Dark
You wrap yourself or an ally in a cloak of rapidly moving shadows that twist and undulate at high speed. Any sword attacks against you automatically loose half their attack dice before rolling, and spells have a 50% chance to miss. Lasts 20 rounds.
Weave 15 N/A 12

One Hundred Sorceries of Blood Mystical Death
You inscribe a magic circle of death on the floor around you, 10 feet in diameter. Roll attack on all enemies within the area at the same time. Any enemy successfully hit is killed instantly. Any that escape take 5d10 damage. For each target instantly killed, reset 1 cool down.
Slow Cast 15 *** 6

Arrow of Hideous Power Mystical Dark
Calling upon the darkness around you, you raise your arms as if firing a longbow. The shadows coalesce into a hideous arrow, which you fire at a single target. Enemies that do not exceed the Star rating are kill instantly, more powerful targets take 10d10 + 2d10 per Rank Negative Damage.
Fast Cast 15 *** 6

Sigil of Call Felines Effect Change
You inscribe a magical sigil in the air above you, which summons 1d4 mystical creatures. These are large, cat-like, etherial beings. Each has 40 hit points and 6 attack dice, they deal 2d6 damage. The number of cats summoned increases to 1d6 at Rank II and 1d10 at Rank III. At end of combat the cats disappear, and if killed they molder to nothing immediately.
Slow Cast 15 N/A 6

The Workings of Deadly Flesh Effect Change
You attempt to crudely animate a corpse to fight beside you. Requires the body of one mortal-type unit to animate(you can supply your own). The animated corse has 8 attack dice and deals 1d10 mortal damage, or normal weapon damage if it is carrying a weapon.
Slow Cast ' 15 N/A 6


Fifth Progression(Level 20)
Fifth Progression

' Become Hideous Being Effect Dark
You morph yourself into a massive creature of monster and shadow. Well this spell is in effect, you gain 10 extra Attack Dice and may attack twice per round, in addition to speed bonuses. If you have a weapon equipped, it deals an additional 6d6 Negative Damage. If you do not have a weapon equipped, your attacks deal 12d6. While this spell is in effect, your Charisma score becomes 0 and you begin each combat round with 1/2 defesnse dice. In addition, you will draw the most threat. Lasts 1 hour.
Fast Cast 20 N/A 6

Exchange of Spirit Effect Death
You exchange your life-force with that of a single target, temporarily gaining their strength while forcing upon them your own weakness. Switch target's hit points with your own. Any hit points over your maximum become temporary hit points. You may also take on some aspects of your target.
Fast Cast 20 ***** 20, 1 week

Seduce the Serpent Effect Dark
You sumon the shade of a fallen dragon to fight for you in your stay. This spell costs 50% of your hit points and reduces your stamina to 5 for the remainder of the day. The dragon shade is ethereal and has 500 hit points of it's own. It gets four attacks per turn: one for each fore-paw, one for the head, and one for the tail. Each deals 6d10 damage. It has 20 AV and 10 DV, and will viciously mame whatever target you give it.
Slow Cast 20 N/A 8, 1 day

Acid Blood Physical Change
You transform a target's blood into potent acid. This spell lasts 6 rounds and deals 4d6 damage per round. Mages with this spell cast upon them suffer an interupt effect every round as the damage is inflicted. On the third round, the target is dazed by pain and becomes unable to attack or cast spells, and on the final round the target is knocked down.
Fast Cast 20 *** 6

' Evocation of Stars Mystical Dark
You call down the blackness that hides behind stars and draw it into your very soul, expelling it as a powerful wave of force. All enemies within a 25-foot radius take 10d10 damage. Roll attack, all targets hit also suffer a Knockdown.
Fast Cast 20 ******** 6, 1 day

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