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This page covers the basics of combat and spell-casting within combat.

Combat has three stages:

  • Attack Roll
  • Effect Roll
  • Damage Roll

Percentage Roll

The basic roll for any action is a percentage roll. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the simplest is to use two 10-sided dice and roll one for the first number and the second for the last number. Any method is acceptable as long as it produces a number between 0-99.


Attack Roll

Each character has a score for Attack and Defense. When rolling for either of these actions, you add your attack or defense bonus to your percentage roll. The goal of the attack is to beat the target's defense roll.


Dodge Exists as a separate proficiency. In combat, the character rolls first for Defense, then again for Dodge, if either is successful, the attack is evaded.

Special Attacks

A 'Special Attack' is any kind of attack that uses an Activated Ability. Examples include Injure and Multi-Shot. Unless specified on the attack rules, special attacks must still roll for a normal attack and succeed. In addition, some special attacks have Star Ratings that must meet or exceed that of the target to be successful.

Some Activated Abilities can be used as a free action outside of a regular attack, at which point they have no roll. Some activated abilities(such as Multi-Shot) are specific special-attack abilities and must be combined with an attack. In these instances, the ability will be marked as a special attack.

Sneak Attack

Any attack that is unexpected counts as a sneak attack. While the decision as to what counts it ultimately in the hands of the World Shaper, the general rule of thumb is the target has to be reasonably unable to have reacted to the attack. In a Sneak Attack, there is no roll, the attack is an automatic success and moves to the Effect Dice stage.

Vorpal Hits

In the event an attack rolls lands on 99(the highest value the dice can display) it is treated as a Vorpal hit and instantly kills the target. Stronger enemies may resist but take massive damage.

Rolling for Damage

Instead of rolling individual damage dice, you instead roll "effect dice" that determine how effective the attack was. Each weapon deals a set amount of damage with different tiers based on the effect. Players roll three effect dice, and if any two dice show matching numbers, they get an effect based on the table bellow:

1Glancing Blow
2Glancing Blow
3Glancing Blow
5Full Hit
6Critical Hit

If no matches are rolled, the hit is treated as a glancing blow.

A roll encompassing three 6s is a Vorpal hit and instantly kills most targets.

Hit Type Effects are:

  • Glancing Blow
    • Base weapon damage only, no bonuses for quality or + values, or special effects
  • Strike
    • Base damage + quality bonus
  • Full Hit
    • All weapon damage counted
  • Crit
    • Damage Multiplied according to weapon critical multiplier

This can all be modified by facets.

Weapon Damage Properties

Every weapon has a base damage associated with it by type, but gets additional bonuses based on the following.


Weapons can come in four quality levels: Poor, Simple, Fine, and Very Fine. They receive additional points of damage as such:

  • Poor: -1
  • Simple: +0
  • Fine: +3
  • Very Fine: +5

Plus Values

If a weapon has a +# associated to it, it deals an additional amount of damage above the base, a +3 longsword deals 9 damage instead of base 6. By default, +damage is excluded from glancing blows, but characters who qualify for the Weapon Finesse facet can get this added in.

Extra Effects

Extra effects, such as enchantments, add additional damage. These can come from enchantments, rituals, or other special bonus augmentations.

Bonus Damage

Bonus damage, such as from activated or triggered abilities, is added on top of a successful attack whether or not it is a glancing blow. This includes Sneak Attack damage, effects from temporary enchantments, etc.


Defense is straightforward, when you become the target of an attack, you roll percentage and add your Defense.


A subset of defense, this roll is used in a variety of circumstances.

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