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Mage Wars RPG has no priest-class (although Clerics may be added at some point), so the Auramancer is a mage focused around restoring and preserving life. While other classes have some healing ability, the strongest and most useful spells belong to the Auramancer.

Auramancers are capable in combat but are primarily a magic/support class (the consummate "glass cannon"; players wishing to take a more active role in making things explode would be better suited to an Endo-Mage).

The Auramancer's work focuses around three key areas: healing, buffing, and crowd control. The bulk of this is done through the manipulation of auras. A powerful Auramancer can make aural-copies of the party, semi-translucent specters that distract the enemy and force them to attack the wrong way. Auramancers can also produce powerful, temporary weapon enchantments. Finally, they can generate wards that hold enemies back, giving the party time to regroup.

The Auramancer's most powerful ability is the anti-magic aura, which, at full strength, can render the entire party immune to spells. See the Auramancy page for more details.


  • Magic Proficiency, Effect
  • Magic Proficiency, Aura
  • Special Proficiency, Enchantment

Auramancers must choose:

  • Support Proficiency, Lore
  • Support Proficiency, Transcription

The fifth Proficiency can be anything from the Open Proficiency List.


Aurmancers have access to the following schools of Magic:

  • Light
  • Mind
  • Life
  • Change

Exigent Moirai

(The Auramancer may only activate this ability while dead)

  • Rank I: Return yourself to life with 10% HP.
    • Rank II: Return yourself to life with 50% HP.
      • Rank III: Return yourself to life with full HP, reset all cooldowns..

Activated Abilities

  • Start
    • Ward
    • Ward
  • Rank I
    • Ward
  • Rank II
    • Ward


You may notice that in place of a variety of Activated Abilities gained while leveling, the Auramancer just has "ward" four times. This is because they get 4 separate uses(with independent cool downs) of the same same activated Ability, which itself has multiple different forms, covered here.

Wards improve at level and by Pillars.

  • Wall Ward: You lay down a spectral wall, semi-transparent, about 4 feet wide and 6 feet high. This wall can stop most any advancing foe, but they can still walk around it. 7-Star Units can break the ward after three tries. Persists for 8 rounds.
    • Level 3: The party may attack through the ward
    • Level 5: Size increase to 12x12
    • Level 8: Persists for 20 rounds
    • Level 11: Size increases to 100x100
    • Level 16: Requires 10 stars to break through.
  • Circle Ward: You lay down a circle around yourself 8 feet in diameter. The wall is approximately 4 feet high. Enemies may climb over it, but smaller/weaker enemies cannot. The party can reach over the wall to attack things outside. Persists for 8 rounds.
    • Level 3: Shorter(and all) party members may now attack through the wall.
    • Level 5: Height raised to 8 feet
    • Level 8: Persists 12 rounds
    • Level 11: Height raised to 11 feet, flying/jumping enemies can still get over it.
  • Dome Ward: Works like the Circle Ward but is a complete dome. 5-Star units can break through. Persists for 8 rounds.
    • Level 3: The party may attack through the ward
    • Level 5: Persists 12 rounds
    • Level 11: Requires 7-Stars to break through
    • Level 16: If the Party moves together, the ward moves with them.
  • Personal Ward: You cloak yourself in a small, personal ward that renders you immune to all damage and invulnerable to any spells. While the Ward is active, you cannot move. You may break the Ward yourself after 3 rounds. Persists for 8 rounds.
    • Level 3: Persists 12 rounds
    • Level 5: You may cast spells while active
    • Level 8: The ward now moves with you.


The Auramancer has 5 different auras at their disposal:

  • Warding
  • Regeneration
  • Damage Over Time
  • Enchantment
  • Anti-Magic

Warding, Regeneration, and Damage Over Time become available at Level 0 but cannot effect party members, Enchantment becomes available at Level 5, and Anti-Magic Becomes available at Level 8.

However, they may not have all 5 active. Each Active aura consumes one Cool Down(meaning while the aura is active, they loose that cool down), and the Auramancer's level determines the number of active auras and the distance at which they effect party members:

  • Level 3: 1 active Aura, 10 feet.
  • Level 5: 2 active Auras, 100 feet.
  • Level 11: 3 active Aura, anywhere.

Auras are not always present. The Auramancer has to "turn them on" when they are ready to use them. Activating an Aura is done as a Free Action, but only 1 Aura can be activated per Round. Auras remain active until the end of combat, but the Auramancer

Each Aura has a "While Active" effect with a cool down associated. This effect happens once when the aura is activated and again each time the cool down hits 0. However, unlike other cool downs, this one cannot be affected or changed by anything. It is a static associated with when the aura is activated.


The basic Warding Aura protects anyone effected by it. It provides a base 10% Genesis resistance and 4 points of AC.

  • Level 5: Genesis Resistance changes to 15%
  • Level 11: Character wearing No Armor receive an additional 26 AC, characters wearing Leather or Chain receive 6 AC.
  • Level 24: Genesis Resistance changes to 25%

While Active: Restore 1 Defense Dice. |Cool Down 8|


This is primarily a healing aura.

When this Aura is activated for the first time, it heals the entire party for 50%, regaurdless of level. After it has been activated, refer to the While Active ability.

  • Level 5: On Cool Down, restore 1 Defense Dice
  • Level 11: On Cool Down, remove the lowest active cool down on any effected party members.
  • Level 24: The Cool Down Effect on this aura changes to 50%

While Active: Heal effected party members for 25%. |Cool Down 6|

Damage Over Time

When activated, this Aura deals 4d6 Positive Damage to all enemy Units within 10 feet.

  • Level 5: Positive Damage increased to 6d6 initially and 4d6 on Cool Down
  • Level 11: On Cool Down, knockdown effect on 1-Star enemies, lasts 1d4 rounds.
  • Level 21: On Cool Down, deal an additional 100 points of damage.

While Active: Deals 3d6 Positive Damage to all enemy Units within 10 feet. |Cool Down 6|


Enchantments are powerful weave talents that the Aurmanacer gains access to when they have the Enchantment Aura active. There will be 5 that they can use.


  • Enchant Weapon: Adds 1 additional damage dice to enchanted party member's weapon. This does not stack with the Enchant Weapon spell.
  • Enchant Armor: Adds 1 additional Defense Dice and 5 AC to enchanted party member's armor.
  • Enchant Spirit: Gives enchanted party member 1 additional generic Cool Down
  • Enchant... stuff. Ideas are hard.
  • Level 5:
  • Level 11:
  • Level 24:

While Active:


The Anti-Magic Aura is the most powerful, and, unlike the rest, unavailable before Level 8. It has the power to negate magical attacks and protect the party entirely from harmful spells.

  • Level 8: On Cool Down, remove any harmful spell-effects from party members within range of the aura.
  • Level 11: Passive: 50% Negative Resistance, unbreakable.
  • Level 19: Passive: 50% Positive Resistance, unbreakable.
  • Level 24: On Cool Down, silence all hostile Units.

While Active: Interrupt any slow-cast spells in progress(This does not effect party members). |Cool Down 6|


Probably going to wait until i have auras and enchantents figured to do the pillars, but make some notes. basically, the pillars will imrpve them. auras eminate from the aurmanacer,

  • the auromancer pillars will help the player split focus between doing the main things the aurmancer does and being more generalized.
  • add in some effect that increases the duration of the harmony, activated ability that does it as a buff on others and a permanent one on the aurmancer, max it out at 3.

The three pillars are: Attach, Defend, Support

  • attach - basically gives mild combat proficiency, lets them sue weapons, etc.
  • defend - buffs up defensive abilities
  • increases duration of buffs, healing spells, etc.

Attack ----- ARCH ----- Support
  • If you have bother the Aura Enchant Weapons and the spell active, characters affected receive an additional:
    • 4d6 Earth
    • 4d6 Fire
    • 4d6 Wind
    • 4d6 Water
Attack ----- ARCH ----- Defend
  • Your Damage Over Time Aura now grants an additional +3 AV to any friendly Units.
  • Your Warding Aura now makes all affected keep a minimum of 3 defense dice. This stacks with any other effects.
Defend ----- ARCH ----- Support
  • The spell Great Heal now heals for 100%.

Order I

  • Your Damage Aura now deals Untyped damage instead of Positive.

Order I

  • Your DoT Aura now pushes 3-Star enemies back by 1d4 feet whenever it cools down.

Order I

  • The Enchantment Aura Enchant Weapon ability now stacks with the Enchant Weapon spell.
Order II

Order II

  • Your Warding Aura cool down is reduced by 1.

Order II

  • Reduce the Cool Down on Heal and Great Heal by 1.

Order III

  • While the Damage Aura is active, your equipped weapon gains +3 Damage Dice
Order III

Order III

  • All spells in the LIFE school get -1 Cool Down

Order IV

  • Your Damage Aura now deals an additional 2d6 on Cool Down.

Order IV

  • Circle of Binding gains 1 additional Star
Order IV

Order V

  • When you use an Activated Ability from the Melee or Ranged section, if the Damage Aura is active, the attack deals an additional 4d6 Positive damage.

Order V

  • Your Robes are now treated as though they were Chainmail and provide AC based on quality. See Armor for details.

Order V

  • Your Heal and Great Heal spells now restore an additional 50%.

Order VI

  • Gain +2 Spell Cool Downs
Order VI

Order VI

  • The cool down on your Heal and Great Heal spells is reduced by 1.

Order VII

Order VII

  • The Warding Aura Cool Down is reduced to 6
Order VII

Order VIII

  • Gain +1 Generic Cool Downs

Order VIII

  • All Wards persist an additional 4 rounds.

Order VIII

  • You gain the Healing Drought Activated Ability.

Order XI

  • +1 Attack
    • +1 Per Order

Order XI

  • +1 Defense
    • +1 Per Order

Order XI

  • The Heal spell restores an additional 25%.


The core of the Auramancer class is based around the use of Auramancy. In order to do this, the character must have both special proficiencies Aura and Enchantment. The aura has an effect, but enchantment is required to make it solid.

Auramancy allows the Auramancer to bend and change their auras around their will, changing them to suit the needs of the moment. As a situation changes, the Auramancer is allowed to change his aura accordingly.

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