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Basic Notion: Each class now has just 3 proficiencies to deal with that can actually be improved. Some characters may get extras at the Worlshaper's discresion. The three base classes have some choice in those, the five mage classes do not.

The classes are:

Class Ranks

Ranks are achieved by gaining 8 levels in a specific class. All characters start at Rank 0, and upon reaching level 8 would achieve Rank 1. This grants access to special Facets as well as other perks.

Note that if a facet is granted by rank but was already taken as a free facet, these STACK. In the case of active abilities, this grants a separate instance of the ability with it's own cool-down.

Stats and Skills

Skill Increases

Every character gets a number of proficiencies and all seven MRPG Stats. The stats are used in varying ways. At various levels, the character will receive either a stat increase, a skill increase, or both. In addition, proficiencies scale by class-level.

Example: a warrior takes Weapon Proficiency: Bladed. If he puts both skill increases into it, at lvl 8 his Weapon Proficiency: Bladed would be equal to 10.

How many increases a character gets depends on class.


This has gone through several iterations and the game currently lacks a working class. I am still working on it, details can be found on the MRPG New System Theorycraft page.

Using the warrior as a template, the character receives a total of 9 stat boosts and 13 skill boosts. However, much of that comes with the final level, meaning the trade-off to take 1 level of something else is noticeable.

  • 6 stat increases while leveling, 3 more for cap
  • 7 skill increases while leveling, 6 more for cap
  • 3 active ability facets, 3 more granted from Ranks
  • 7 freely chosen facets

7 actually seems like a logical cap since that's what it takes to dual-wield ANY weapon(which is the most ridiculous thing I could think of to put into the game).

So going to re-use this template.

Note: Rangers are being renamed Archers, and giving them an extra Shoot on the Run per rank.

Base class table:

See Also

11 Combat, 1 Armor, and 1 free facet
2 _
3 _
4 _
5 _
6 _
7 _
8Warrior Rank I
9 _
10 _
11 _
12 _
13 _
14 _
15 _
16Warrior Rank II
17 _
18 _
19 _
20 _
21 _
22 _
23 _
24Warrior Rank III