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The Ranger is a fast-paced, highly-evasive class. Their weapon of choice is the strung bow, over which they hold total mastery. While the Ranger does deal death from afar, their primary strength lies in mid-range combat, moving in close, firing of many arrows, and fleeing before an enemy can close the gap.

Rangers wear no armor and dress in specialized outfits with some leather. When not wearing armor they gain a major bonus to movement speed. Rangers can dress in armor and focus on using crossbows and other weapons, but they loose the advantages of speed and maneuverability.


  • Weapon Proficiency, Ranged
  • Special Proficiency, Ranged
  • Special Proficiency, Dodge

Rangers may take anything from the Open Proficiency List for their final two proficiencies.

Exigent Moirai

  • Rank I: Twisting your body with unnatural dexterity, you slip between attacking enemies and roll free of attack.
    • Rank II: While rolling free, you attempt to trip any nearby enemies. This is similar to the Knockdown activated ability but works on 5 Star + Rank enemies directly in your path. The effect lasts 1d6 rounds regardless of bonuses.
      • Rank III: As you move, you create a sudden, intense burst of wind, like a thunderclap. All nearby enemies are knocked down and temporarily dazed. Effective on 10 star enemies.

Level Progression


Granted Attribute


  • Multi-Shot


  • Injure


  • Free Facet



  • Extra Shot



  • Free Facet


  • Ranger Extra-Shot



  • Free Facet


  • Ranger Improved Dodge



  • Ranger Improved Speed



  • Free Facet



  • Free Facet


  • Ranger Improved Speed II



  • Ranger Free Action



  • Free Facet


  • Free Facet



MORNING NOTES:' Move all stuff in Martial that regards movement over to Rowen. Replace stuff in Martial with more shit about firing extra arrows.

  • some kind of super multishot pillar that caps at "you just always fire 2 arrows and it goes up from there" along the way this also gives them bonuses for being close up
  • stupid crazy evasive pillar that lets them fire while running, jumping, flipping, etc
  • A magic pillar that allows them to cast spells with their bow.
  • a pillar that's all about careful aim and shooting really far - this pillar is for people who are playing the game wrong.
Martial ArcheryRowen CodexCalled Shot Focus

- Martial Archery - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ARCH - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Called Shot Focus -

  • These Pillars are mutually exclusive. There is literally no overlap. You should not have taken both. Whenever you make a ranged attack, regardless of weapon used, roll 1d4. On a 1, the bowstring of your weapon snaps and hits you in the eye. You arte blinded for 2d6 rounds or 1 hour if combat ends.

Arch that spans the First and Second Pillar - Martial Archery - - ARCH - - Rowen Codex -

  • You smartly combined the best two pillars in this class and have become the master of the bow.
  • I will think of cool bonuses later.

-Rowen Codex - - ARCH - - Called Shot Focus -

  • These two pillars don't fit together very well. One is all running around like a maniac(presumably with a longbow) while the other is about standing still and shooting stuff with a crossbow.
  • Well, since we're here anyway, let's get the pre-reqs addressed. You will need to have Repeating Heavy Crossbow Focus, Hand-and-a-Half Mastery and Punishment facets. You also need to meet all of the strength requirements and can only wield repeating crossbows.
  • You get to dual-wield repeating heavy crossbows and run around like a crazy dodging/evading maniac.

Order I

  • If you have a weapon subtype Focus Facet in the Bows Type, you fire 1 additional arrow whenever you shoot. This stacks with Multi-Shot, meaning each arrow fired with part of a Multi-Shot is two arrows.

Order I

  • You may combine your Doge and Evade skills when making a check that calls for either, if you have a Bow equipped. This stacks with Second Order and adds double your speed.

Order I

  • You gain the Activated Ability Called Shot.

Order II

  • If you have the Facet Bow Focus, your Multi-Shot activated ability now fires an additional arrow, and the cool down is reduced by half.

Order II When making a Dodge or Evade check you may add your speed to the proficiency.

Order II

  • If you have the Full Round Aim activated ability, the cool down is reduced to 1.
Order IIIOrder III

Order III

  • If you are wielding a crossbow, your Careful Aim ability gets 6 additional attack dice.

Order IV

  • When making a normal attack without using an activated ability, you may instead knock 1 + (1 x Rank) arrows and fire at that many distinct targets. The arrows must be aimed at separate targets, unless the target is large enough to occupy multiple squares.

Order IV

  • You may move double your speed in feet each round. This does not add to your Speed stat.

Order IV

  • Reduce the Cool Down on Careful Aim by 1 tick.

Order V

  • Your Multi-Shot Activated Ability fires 1 additional arrow.

Order V

  • If you are in Half Draw stance and running you may add your speed to AV

Order V

  • If you have a Weapon Subtype Focus facet in Crossbows, the bonuses apply to all crossbows.

Order VI

  • You gain the Half Draw Stance.

Order VI

  • If you are within 20 feet of your target and actively moving you get 5 automatic points when rolling attack.
Order VI
Order VII

Order VII

  • If you have the Weapon Subtype Focus for Longbow, Composite Bow, or Great Longbow, you get 1 additional damage dice per arrow.

Order VII

  • Your Careful Aim Activated Ability is increased to 5 attack dice if you are standing still.

Order VIII

  • If you are within 20 feet of your target, double your AV when rolling attack.
Order VIIIOrder VIII

Order XI

  • +1 Attack
    • +1 Per Order

Only applies if you have a weapon that qualifies as a Longbow(all weapons in the Type Ranged -> Subtype Bows list).

Order XI

  • +1 Evade
    • +1 Per Order

Order XI

  • +1 Attack
    • +1 Per Order

Only applies if you have a weapon that qualifies as a Crossbow(all weapons in the Type Ranged -> Subtype Crossbows List.


If a ranger has 0 encumberance, they gain an automatic 1 + Rank points when making an attack roll if they are moving. This specifically applies to running, standing on a moving surface does not count. If they are airborn(in mid jump) they get an additional 1 + Rank as attack dice.

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