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The Exo-Mage is a wizard based around the four cardinal forces: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Their method involves manipulating these forces around them.

Unlike the other mage classes, who earn spells by leveling up or through learning, the Exo-Mage unlocks their spells through the Pillar system. Exo-Mages have four pillars, one for each element, and they arch at different levels. Exo-Mages also recieve 3 bonus points to spend on pillars at character creation. See Exo-Mage Spell List for details.


  • Magic Proficiency, Physical
  • Magic Proficiency, Elemental
  • Magic Proficiency, Effect

Exo-Mages must choose:

  • Support Proficiency, Lore
  • Support Proficiency, Transcription

The fifth Proficiency can be anything from the Open Proficiency List.


Exo-Mages have access to the following schools of Magic:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Water

Junction System

The Exo-Mage functions differently from the other mages. Since the use power gathered from around them, their abilities are much less refined. An exo-mage has a much smaller spell-list than the endo-mage, but has access to the Junction Ability.

Most exo-mage spells use the junction effect; they have a base power, and the mage can add power to them by junctioning into it. A mage has a number of junction points equal to his or her hit points, and may spend hit points when the junction points have been exhausted.

Each spell will say individually what effect junctioning has and what the cap is.

  • Example:
Fireball Physical Fire '
You lob a massive ball of all-consuming fire at a target, it then explodes outwards and deals additional damage to everything within a 25-foot radius. Deals 3d6 damage to the initial target and 1d6 to secondary targets. Each Junction adds 1d6 to both base and secondary. Junction Max 10 + level.
Fast Cast 0 N/A 6

Each junction adds 1d6 damage, and the cap is 10 + the character's level. A level 3 character would be able to junction for a max of 13 points, adding 13d6 to the spell.

Junction Points regenerate at a rate of ( HP / 24 ) per hour. A character with 120 HP gets that many junction points, and regenerates them at a rate of 5 per hour. If a character has 0 Junction Points left they may still cast spells as normal according to normal spellcasting rules.

Junction functions as an Activated Ability with no star rating and a cool-down of 4.

Exigent Moirai

  • Rank I: Reset all active spell cool downs to zero.
    • Rank II: On use of this ability, roll 1d20. On a 20, reset the ability. You may use it again today.
      • Rank III: Ability resets on a 17-20.

Activated Abilities

  • Enforce
  • Quiet


See Exo-Mage Spell List for the Pillars.

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