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Spell Logic

  • If it does damage via an elemental property(such as burning) its Elemental
  • If it does damage via a physical process(such as stabbing) its Physical
  • if it has some kind of non-damage effect(such as countering a spell) it's Effect



The primary role of the pillars here is to unlock the spell list. Also unlike other class Pillars, Exo-Mages max out at 8. In order to unlock an Arch spell(a spell that spans 2 columns) the mage must have requisite points in both. Example: in order to unlock Flare Arrow, an ExoMage must have 5 points in each of Fire and Wind.

Magma IV
  • Magma Mimic
Ice II
  • Ice Bridge

Earth Order II

  • Earthen Wave

Fire Order II

  • Fire Burst
Ice II
  • Ice Beam
Earth Order III
Plasma V
  • Plasma Storm

Water Order III

  • Tidal Bore
Magma IV
  • Magma Jet
Wind Order IV Water Order IV
Earth Order V
Plasma V
  • Flare Arrow

Water Order V

  • Canyon Cut

Earth Order VI

  • Seismic Spike

Fire Order VI

  • Flame Wave

Wind Order VI

  • Sky Lance
Water Order VI
Earth Order VII Fire Order VII

Wind Order VII

  • Wind Rush

Water Order VII

  • River Swell

Earth Order VIII

  • Earth Assault

Fire Order VIII

  • Fireball

Wind Order VIII

  • Air Blast

Water Order VIII

  • Hydrolash

Spell List

Since Exo-Mage Spells are unlocked by the Pillar, they have no ML.

Earth Assault Effect Earth
You force a blunt stone protrusion up under a target, knocking them down. Effects only standing units.
Fast-Cast **** 6 0

Earth Assault Effect Earth
You force a blunt stone protrusion up under a target, knocking them down. Effects only standing units.
Fast-Cast **** 6 0

Fireball Elemental Fire
You lob a massive ball of all-consuming fire at a target, it then explodes outwards and deals additional damage to everything within a 25-foot radius. Deals 3d6 damage to the initial target and 1d6 to secondary targets. Each Junction adds 1d6 to both base and secondary. Junction Max 10 + level.
Fast-Cast *** 12 0

Air Blast Effect Wind
You propell a fist of wind into a nearby target, knocking them away.
Fast-Cast **** 6 0

Hydrolash Effect Water
Disrupts a single slow-cast spell being cast.
Fast-Cast ***** 4 0

Wind Rush Effect Wind
A wall of air strikes a target and knocks them back, also forcing their air from their lungs and causing 4d6 damage. Junction Costs 10 Points. First Junction adds Knockdown effect, each additional adds 4d6 Damage.
0 *** 6 0

River Swell Physical Water
Tendrils of water reach out and lash at a single target, each tendril counts as a separate attack that does no damage. 1d6 Tendrils. Junction costs 6 points to add 1d6 additional tendrils.
Fast-Cast ******* 6 0

Seismic Spike Physical Earth
You cause a sharpened spike of stone to shoot up through the ground and impale your target. Deals 1d6 Earth damage. Each junction adds 1d6. Junction Max 4 + Level
Fast-Cast *** 12 0

Flame Wave Elemental Fire
You propell a wave of flame across the floor, 10 feet wide, 4 feet deep. It traveles until it strikes a solid wall and bursts. Everything the wave passes through takes 4d6 damage, and anything in the breaking point takes an additional 6d6. Junction adds 1d6 per junction point.
Fast-Cast *** 8 0

Sky Lance Effect Wind
Drop a lance of hardened wind, pinning an opponent to the ground. Junction costs 10 to add 1 additional target.
Fast-Cast **** 6 0

Flare Arrow Elemental Fire/Wind Arch
You summon a bow of lightning and launch an arrow of fire, piercing armor
Fast-Cast **** 6 0

Canyon Cut Physical Water
You propel a series of sharppened blades of ice at a target, reducing their AC by 3d12. Junction costs 1 point to reduce the AC by an additional 1.
Slow-Cast ******** 6 0

Magma Jet Elemental Earth/Fire Arch
You heave a burst of boiling magma at a singdle target, striking them for 4d10 Fire damage and 2d10 Earth damage. Junction: each point adds 1d10 fire/1d10 Earth.
Fast-Cast *** 6 0

Plasma Storm Elemental Fire/Wind Arch
You create a crackling, arching storm
0 0 0 0

Tidal Bore Physical Water
Same effect as River Swell but can hid 1d6 separate targets.
Fast-Cast ******* 6 0

Earthen Wave Effect Earth
You create a series of roiling waves across the ground surface. Each wave strikes the target for 1d6 Earth damage and produces a knockdown effect. Spell initially produces 1 wave. Junction: each point adds 1 additional wave.
Slow-Cast ***** 8 0

Fire Blurst Elemental Fire
Above the head of each enemy in sight, a halo of fire forms, and drops upon the target, dealing 1d12 fire damage per round. Junction: each point spent extends the duration by 1 round. Multiple castings of this spell stack.
Slow-Cast **** 6 0

Ice Beam Physical Wind/Water Arch
You fire a beam of razor-sharp ice towards your enemy. This beam will slice right through an enemy and strike the target behind it, and so on. Junction: this spells begins with a base power of 20 points. The first target struck is killed instantly, at which point the beam's power is halved. Al targets not killed take 4d6 Wind and 4d6 Water damage. Adding junction points to the spell does not increase the damage, but, any target struck by a beam of 20 or greater is killed.
Fast-Cast *** 6 0

Magma Mimic Effect Earth/Fire Arch
You draw living magma from the earth and give it the shape and form of a creature. This spell summons 1d4 magma avatars in a shape of the spellcaster's choosing. Each avatar has AV equal to the spellcaster's Level and DV equal to the spellcast'er level + Magic Proficiency, Elemental. Hit points are equal to 100 + (caster level x 10). The avatars persist until killed or combat ends. On a succesful attack, each avatar deals 1d6 Fire damage. Junction: each point spent adds 1 Earth damage to a successful hit.
Slow-Cast *** 20 0

Ice Bridge Effect Wind/Water Arch
You cast your hand out creating a sheen of ice across a surface ahead of you. This can freeze water and form a bridge. Any enemies standing atop it will suffer a knockdown effect and take 1d6 Water damage on impact. Persists 6 rounds. Junction: each point spent adds 1d6 water damage and each 10 points spent extends the duuration by 1 round.
Fast-Cast *** 10 0

Improvement Spells

These are "improved" versions of pillar spells, so to learn and use these, they must have unlocked the spell on the pillar. There is the Required spell, then spells that improve upon it.

  • Flame Wave
    • Wildfire: AOE duration spell, like a fixed Flame Wave
      • Spell that makes the wave break into a sea of fire

Learned Spells

Exo-mages may still learn spells just like Endo-Mages. These spells will have an ML. Learned spells do not benefit from the Junction ability. Obviously this area needs some work.

  • "Fist" spells - one for each elemental type and a few dual types. (Fire-Fist, Magma Fist, etc.) Basically each spell requires a melee attack (not ranged) and does the elemental damage type as well as inflicts a status effect (knockdown, etc).
  • Flames: low-level fire spell that does a little damage and also reduces Fire resistance. No self-respecting Exo-Mage needs this spell, but it is handy for the "special" people.
  • Scorched Earth: Magma spell, deals 2d to target, 1d6 to you. Each junction points doubles this effect.
  • Stone Circle: Surrounds the target in a levitating circle of protective stones, providing a +5 to DV.

  • Skin to Stone: turns the target's stone into rock, temporarily immobilizing the target. IF the timer runs out the target takes damage and becomes Injured as a result. Probably a higher-level technique?
  • Earth, and Water: The pinnacle of the Exo-mage's art, wherein the wizard sheaths himself in living earth and flowing water. All spells cast by the mage are treated as Water-Type for damage calculation purposes, and all magical damage received by the mage is treated as Earth-Type. Duration: 40 minutes.
  • Forest of Thorns: surrounds target (or treasure) with a thicket of vile vines, which cause elemental damage and cost rounds to remove. In higher progressions, the vines can strike an enemy, and the thorns may become lodged in the enemy's skin, and cause damage over several rounds unless overcome by a contrary roll.

  • Chain Fire: powerful fire-spell that allows you to hit multiple targets. The more points you put into it, the more targets it can hit.
  • Burn Away: spell that removes fire-resistance. Maybe all resistance?

  • Great Big Wind: throws back everything around the caster and deals some wind-damage.
    • Great Big Scorching Wind: top-level Plasma Spell that has the same effect as Great Big Wind but adds some fire and untyped damage to the mix.
      • Divine Wind: when used on enemies, spins them around and leaves them momentarily discombobulated and helpless. When used on allies, gives non-Mages one round of magic.

      • Sweep Away: | Fast Cast | 10 | debuff that removes Weave spells or effects on target.

  • Izuna: | Weave | 10 | weave only on ranged weapon, the projectiles that weapon fires are cloaked in a sheath of air, and deal an additional 1d6 Wind damage on a successful hit.

  • Vapor Levitation I: | Weave | 10 A cloud of whirling fog and mist envelopes your feet, leaving you immune to knockdown.

  • Electrical Surge - some kind of plasma spell that arches between enemies
  • Overflowing River: basically a simple, not very effective healing spell designed to give Exo-Mages some self-healing.
  • Mist: spell to remove negative magical effects on the target.

Turning the Wheel

Perhaps as an expansion or just something for later inclusion, this will be a process where by the "outer-wheel" of the spell-tree is turned, allowing the player to combine different elements: Earth and Wind instead of Earth and Water, and so-forth. Perhaps as the level-cap is extended different outer-wheels can be added with each new expansion.


  • Countermagics: Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, and Genesis counter-magic spells. There will be a variety of these with different effects divided by progression.

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