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This is the old, totally unfinished spell list. See MRPG Spell list for the proper list.

Spell List OLD

Each magic proficiency has two spell lists according to progression. As the magic system is still being fully developed, for the time being only spell names and a few general notes about effects are likely to be included.



  • Darkness Explode: basically just deals a crapton of Negative-typed damage in an AOE-ark. Mage Wars PnP: this spell does effect party members and friendly NPCs within the radius.
  • Underworld Swarming: I'm thinking low-level dark spell that makes you think you're covered in bugs and causes an effect?


  • Dark Magic Ritual: basically a buff-spell for dark magic that makes the targets dark-magic abilities better.
  • Dark Magic Attack: a high-level dark spell that deals damage around multiple sources, designed to bypass different forms of resistance.
  • Send Away: spell that attempts to just send a single target out of existence. Similar mechanics to the Death spell.
  • Send Away, Mass: see Send Away.


Wait I don't have a single light spell?

  • Blazing Light: deals 1 damage-point to dark-themed enemies (Lycanthropes, Wraiths, Ghouls, etc.).
  • Circles of Light: surrounds oneself, or a chosen team-mate, with one round's protection from dark-themed attacks. Expires at the next round.
  • Glowing Light: Meant to illuminate a dark room for two rounds; but it attracts monsters, if the room has any.
  • Revealing Light: Exposes one round's worth of traps. Can only be used once in a given area.



  • Mind Armor: your mage robes now grant +10 AC per-equipped-item. This AC is only applied to DV and does not aid in damage reduction.
  • Faustian Bargain: give up half your HP to deal some substantial amount of untyped-damage on the target, based on how much HP you give up.
  • Lesser Divination: gives you the ability to spot hidden doors. Pitfalls count as hidden doors.
  • See the Hidden: basically a spell that lets you automatically find things like hidden doors, trigger plates, etc. This should be fairly high-level.
  • Circles Of (Spell)
    • Circle of Air: binds the target in a whirling vortex of air for 9 seconds. Resistance of Wind-9 A successful flourish

series of spells that use a different damage-subtype for a resistance-check. If the target doesn't have a high enough resistance the spell holds them in place for X-amount of time.

  • Circle of Binding: Like the other circles of binding except untyped so it cannot be resisted. Make this one pretty high-level.


  • Empty Hand: buff spell that causes the enemy to perceive you as not holding a main-handed weapon. This essentially reduces threat.
  • Empty Hands: same as Empty Hand but makes them see you not holding anything at all, so covers off-hand, dual-wielding, and 2-handers.
  • Four Hands: doubles the amount of threat the target generates from held items.
  • Ritual Breaker: AOE spell distrupts all slow-cast spells currently in progress.


Change is somewhat special in that it is able to produce elemental damage-effects by "changing" one thing into another.

The nature of magic is thus: Exo-Magic comes from without, so it is elemental, Endo-Magic comes from within, so it is more complex. Change is a school of endo-magic that is capable of producing SOME exo-magic effects:

  • Wind: doesn't actually deal Wind damage but just tries to knockdown the target. Can shove them back. Note: this spell is also on the Exo-Mage Tree.
  • Flames: low-level fire spell that does a little damage and also reduces Fire resistance.
  • Stone Circle: spell that repels attacks, basically just a buff adding to your DV.

Create a series of Change spells that transform the caster into something else temporarily.


  • Complex spell that opens two portals to a plain of fire and a plain of water and this somehow produces a mighty thunderclap that knocks everyone down within a given area. Higher-level versions will also add some Mortal damage.


Buff-spells for positive and negative resistance go here


  • Ritual of Rejuvenation: some... thing. Can revive dead NPC for one round, or a PC for the next area (but not in the same area wherein it died). PC stay revived in subsequent areas; NPC do not.


Allllllllll the healing spells go here, think of like five or six of them that heal based on different attributes according to level.


Here you will find the debuff-spells designed to remove stat-damage and negative effects.

Some general, all-purpose cleaners:

  • Cleansing Ember
  • Cleansing Fire
  • Cleansing Inferno


  • Reaping of Pawns: I have NO idea what this spell is going to do.
  • Feast of Gluttons: same with this one but they are in the card game and have cool names.


  • Death: just about exactly what the name implies. The caster will attempt to slay a target with a single word. This spell does not follow typical rules as it is not damage-dealing. Instead, if it passes the resistance-check, the player will then make a role of 1d20-per-rank + buffed-proficiency against the target. If the player roles a higher score, the target is instantly killed. The rules for this spell might change later.
  • Mass Grave: similar to the Death spell but targets everything within the immediate area. The spell does not effect party members or friendly NPCs, but the player may not exclude any targets. Mage Wars PnP: this spell effects everyone within the radius, the caster may exclude up to 6 targets.


  • Ultimate Offering: allows you to exchange life-points for mana-points(at a loss). Maybe variable levels of this spell to determine how much gets traded and at what cost?

Armor Of

Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, and Change all have "armor of" spells that give a level-based bonus to armor class. They also provide some amount of accordant resistance. These bonuses stack.