MRPG Eldritch Weapons

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Eldritch Weapons are secret, ancient weapon types that hail from lost eras and forgotten civilizations. Functionally, they correspond to defined weapon types, being similar enough not to warrant distinct stats or proficiencies. Each weapon listed here corresponds to a specific weapon and uses all of the same stats as that weapon, but may have some special attribute added, which will be outlined here.

  • Katana - Longsword
  • Sakaboto - Longsword
  • Wakizashi - Shortsword

Note to Worldshapers: Functionally, this list is purely for flavor and RP purposes. A Katana is just a long sword, but making it an Eldritch weapon allows players to have a Katana in a world where they would otherwise have to settle for a longsword. So, if your player wants to have a katana, let them, and just treat it like a longsword.

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