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Fun stuff from Steve's Adventure Toolkit

Cimmanum Thongsplitter (Lvl 8 Orc Prostitute) Read Aloud: A huge orc woman struts past you. She is wearing very little clothing and there is garish makeup slopped on her face. 'Daboo?' she beckons.

Notes: Cimmanum only speaks orc, although this is usually enough to negotiate with clients. She does not usually have sex with customers, she is more into the fetish scene where men pay her to yell at them and throw them into walls and burn their lands.


Unintelligent Shortsword. Insists it knows how to fix anything broken when it doesn't. Talks incessantly about the best roads to take to go places. Votes single issue.

Boots of the Tornado. These grey boots will give you the power of a tornado, spinning you through the air violently and slamming you into barn roofs and mobile homes.

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