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The End-Game content will focus primarily around harassing the Marcons and carrying out attacks on their capitol city, including large-scale raids.


Two types of end-game content will exist: reward-based and renown-based.


The renown quests are designed to win favor and privilege for your guild. As ultimately the point of the end-game content is to earn things you can lord over other players, the renown system will reward guilds that complete various 'challenges' (such as flying their skyship under a specific bridge in Marconian territory). Guilds that complete these challenges will receive special privileges, titles, and access to other things lesser guilds do not. (Not things that actually give them advantages, though; think custom color-schemes for skyships, or even modifications to the exterior shape).

The renown system will include a wide array of challenges that vary according to guild-size, allowing small and large guilds to compete alike. These challenges will also have a variety of scores associated with them: best time, highest body-count, fewest deaths, etc., allowing the maximum number of guilds to have notable achievements.

The guild renown system will work as a form of currency. Renown is "spent" on various upgrades and rewards. Once spent it must be earned again.

Renown Rewards

  • Titles: guilds may choose to spend their renown on titles which denote their guild's accomplishments. Some titles may be earned simply by completing objectives, but most need to be purchased. The most basic titles will only be viewable by examining a guild-member's character sheet, or by visiting the guild-hall or airship. The next tier will add small symbols around player's names, making their guild's accomplishments visible to passerby. The highest titles will actually show in text above a guild-member's head.


Reward-content are raids specifically geared around obtaining better gear or items. Stronger weapons, better armor, etc. These will be more similar to the sort of standard end-game content you see in most games, and are designed to help players gain better equipment for the renown raids.

Two-Man Raids

A series of small "micro-raids" with very limited party sizes need to be implimented. Casual players may be unable to maintain the social connections needed to regularly attend the large tiered raids. For them, high-end, high-difficulty, high-awesome mini-dungeons will be created.

These are not normal party-sized dungeons that "can" be 2-manned, but specifically dungeons built for 2 people to run together. 3-man dungeons will also exist.

Tiered Raid System

This should not be confused with tier gear' common in other games. The Tiered system describes a style of raid whereby tiers of groups are involved in different stages of the assault.

For example, a raid on the Marcon capitol might require the bulk of the guild operating the skyship to fly in escorting a massive raiding party(say 80-100 players), which then gets dropped near the raid entrance. These players would then fight their way through the outer defenses to reach the actual instanced raid entrance, allowing the actual raiding party(maybe 20 players) to enter. This party then fights their way through the first leg of the raid, allowing a smaller team to reach the inner sanctum, and, in same cases, a final individual to take on the end-boss.

To recap:

  • 120+ players make assault on Marcon capital
  • 80-100 players jump out to attack fortress
  • 20 players breach the perimeter and enter actual raid
  • 5 players reach the inner sanctum
  • 1 player takes on the boss solo

There may only be one or two such raids created as they do force a lot of players to cooperate for only a few to get the glory. However I still think some guilds will get behind this and put all their efforts behind a single player in order to achieve a goal to bring fame to their guild.

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