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While most weapon classes are pretty straightforward, throwing weapons get special mention, and need a few special rules.

By default, all throwing weapons are considered 2-handed (despite fitting in one hand). See Thrown Dual-Wielding for rules on how to modify this. If the character also has Shield Proficiency, they may equip a buckler-type shield to the off-hand without penalty. Otherwise their off-hand must be free.

Unless the weapon has the "Returning" property (which can be placed in a variety of ways) the character will have to retrieve the weapon after it is thrown. Weapons can be lost this way due to environment (say, by knocking the bad guy off a cliff). Further, unlike with ammunition from ranged weapon, the thrower is required to keep track of the number of weapons they have. If you only have nine throwing knives, and you've thrown nine of them, you are out of throwing knives. The WorldShaper is free to enforce these rules as they see fit, as always.

In combat, retrieving a thrown weapon counts as a free action, however the thrower must be within range of the weapon to do so. You're welcome to fudge the numbers on this, we aren't strict with the grid-system, but assume suffice it to say they can't just "magically" pick up an item across the room (unless they have magic to do it with). If an item has the Returning property, it returns immediately to the thrower as soon as the attack is complete; characters with multiple attacks in a round are able to attack again with the same weapon.

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