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Actually just a notes page for my running test game.

Items looted from Manner Strong Room

  • 6 Potions of Imbue Fire, these can be used to -Imbue an item. They are not alchemical enchantments, so you will need to go to a smith.
  • 4 Potions of Body Guard (Each adds 10 temporary hit points, which remain until 10 damage is received)
  • 1 potion of Poison Weapon I (1d4 poison damage to Mortal beings)
  • 1 completed enchantment, Holy I (adds 1d8 holy damage to anything)
  • 1 ingot of Orichalcum, valued at 1,000 gold pieces (It's had a few pieces shaved off so is less valuable than a normal ingot, but could still be used in crafting).

Total value: 1360gp (most being the brick of Orichalcum)

  • The enchanter's bankbook, indicating that he has around 50,000 gold in a local bank.

Valuable Alchemical Ingredients

  • 3 Dragon Scales. Each about the size of a fist, these belong to the armored belly of a juvenile Red Fire Dragon. He may want them back.
  • 10 bags of powdered gold
  • 30 pieces of Jade
  • 1 Gemerald (A magically-created stone used in enchanting and alchemy)
  • 10 Emeralds

Total value: about 100 gp

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