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The Mage Wars RPG inventory system is going to be based on a system of containerization. EG, players have a certain number of 'packs', but packs can hold even smaller bags within, to help players organize their items for maximum efficiency.

Items will be represented by icons and appear on a grid in the players inventory. Nearly everything will be stackable except large items like weapons and armor.

Item Size Designations

Every item will take up 1 square on the grid regardless of size, but will have a size designation. All items have a size designation, though it is used primarily for weapons and armor to determine various characteristics.

In general, Large, Very Large, and Immense items will have to stay in the regular pack and cannot be placed in sub-bags. However, the vast majority of items will fall into the smaller categories.

Backs and Bags

Containers come in two distinctions: packs and bags. A bag goes inside a pack.


By default, each player begins with a single pack and has space for up to 3 packs. As the gain levels, they can earn additional slots for packs, with a maximum of 8. Each pack will contain a specified number of slots.


Bags go inside of packs and take up 1 slot each. They are primarily for organizational purposes, but also allow players to carry more small and medium items by providing additional slots. Each bag will have its own number of slots, and some bags will also be for specific item-types such as crafting ingredients, scrolls, tools, etc. As a rule specific sub-type bags will generally have far more slots than general bags.


Encumbrance is a new system that replaces weight, because weight is dumb and tedious.

Basic system is as follows:

  • Little stuff like jewelry has a rating of 0
  • Generic stuff you can't equip doesn't matter, rating 1
  • All potions regardless of size, have a rating of 1
  • Bigger, heavier items have higher rating

Encumbrance is used to measure inventory. All characters start with a base capacity of 100 + Stamina. This increases by 50 at every rank above Rank 1.

Each point of Encumbrance counts as a - to your speed Stat. A character who's speed reaches 0 is unable to move. See Combat Movement for how this works in combat. Be reasonable about what you carry. Just because you can't equip it and we aren't making you add up the number of pounds doesn't mean you can carry an entire wagon in your pocket. Just be cool about it and I'll create rules for Pen and Paper Hoarders later.

Base Encumbrance By Size

Very Small0
Very Large8

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