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Base Description

Spell List

List of spells


  • Dark Magic Attack: a high-level dark spell that deals damage around multiple sources, designed to bypass different forms of resistance.



First Progression

(Character Level 0)

  • Cleansing Ember | Slow Cast | 10
    • Death: Deals 1d4 fire damage to all enemies of evil intent.
  • Mind Armor Weave | 5 minutes | 10
    • Dark: Provides a 10% bonus to Negative Resistance
  • Dark Magic Ritual, Level I | Weave | 5
    • Dark: Add +5 to your Magic Proficiency: Dark
Second Progression
  • Shadow | Weave | 35
    • Dark: You become clocked in shadows and gain a 50% chance to be ignored/not noticed
  • Underworld Swarming: I'm thinking low-level dark spell that makes you think you're covered in bugs and causes an effect?
  • Dark Magic Ritual, Level II | Weave | 10
    • Dark: Add +10 to your Magic Proficiency: Dark
Third Progression

(Character Level 10)

  • Cloak of Invisibility | Weave | 50
    • Dark: You become invisible, unable to be seen.
  • Dark Magic Ritual, Level III | Weave | 15
    • Dark: Add +15 to your Magic Proficiency: Dark
  • Acid Arrow | Fast Cast | 10
    • Dark: Deals 2d6 points of Negative damage.
  • Reaping of Pawns: | Fast Cast | 45
    • Dark: Sends out a wave of darkness that attempts to envelop and kill any Mortal-type enemies. The wave is ten feet wide and extends for 25 feet ahead of the mage. There is no damage, if the targets fail to resist and fail to evade, they die. Affects only Mortal-type enemies.
  • Feast of Gluttons | Fast Cast | 70
    • Dark: A wave of darkness radiates outward from the mage and attempts to envelop and kill all that it touches. The wave impacts everything within a 25-foot radius of the mage and affects only mortal enemies. There is no damage effect, if the target fails to resist or evade, they die.
Fourth Progression

(Character Level 15)

  • Dark Magic Ritual, Level IV | Weave | 20
    • Dark: Add +20 to your Magic Proficiency: Dark
  • Dark Magic Ritual, Level V | Weave | 25
    • Dark: Add +25 to your Magic Proficiency: Dark
Fifth Progression

(Character Level 20)

  • Armor of Darkness
  • Ritual Breaker: AOE spell distrupts all slow-cast spells currently in progress.


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