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Traps are found only in instance dungeons(in mage Wars PnP they can be found anywhere). Traps can be magical or non-magical, continuous, or temporary. Every trap has two things in common: an activator and a source. The activator is the trigger, what sets the trap off, and the source is what emits the damage.

Traps can deal any damage type, but mortal and elemental are most common. Traps can be mechanical or magical in nature, and Auramancer can even create traps of his own using the Aura Proficiency

Disarming Traps

Uses the Tinker Skill!


Pitfalls might be technically considered traps but do not fall into the same category. A pitfall is essentially a breakway floor with something hurtful underneath. Pitfalls cannot be disarmed and are therefore not considered traps. They are instead classified as hidden doors and are still detected with a Perception-Check.

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