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Note: Conprehension and Perception are being rolled together into a single comprehension skill.

Skills, unlike Proficiencies, are largely passive-abilities used at various times outside of combat(though some have impacts on things inside of combat). Unlike proficiencies and stats, these skills never increase after initial character-creation.

All skills are passive, meaning there is no "button" to use them. If you have a high-enough perception to spot a hidden door, it will show up automatically without any action on your part.

Skills are used in various checks, such as attempting to learn a new spell from a tome, which uses the Comprehension skill. These skills are not required to preform any specific task, they merely make them easier.


  • Charisma: Charisma determines your ability to draw attention to yourself. To be liked, to convince NPCs to listen to you. Players with the charisma skill can generate additional threat in combat. Various conversation-options in-game will trigger Charisma-checks to determine how the NPC responds. High charisma will also give more money when selling items to vendors
  • Medicine: the Medicine skill controls how your character responds to healing, how much HP you gain back from HP-restoring items such as potions, bandages, and salves.
  • Tinkering: Tinkering confers ability with mechanical parts. It is used in lock-picking and disarming traps. Any player with a high tinker skill will stand a much better chance of picking locks and disarming traps.
  • Comprehension: Comprehension has to do with how well you read, and is used in lore-checks when trying to learn spells from scrolls or tomes. See Lore and Comprehension for more details.
  • Perception: the Perception skill is used to find hidden things. Doors, pressure plates, trip wires, anything concealed either through magic or mischief can be detected with a high enough perception-skill.
  • Deception: Measures how effective you are at lying and otherwise concealing the truth. Also used in hide and sneak checks.


Certain races and classes will also receive static bonuses to the skills. There are also items that can improve your skills, but these will be fairly uncommon. Skills do not increase at level.

How Skills Work

Here the various uses for skills both in and out of combat are described.


Charisma is used as a factor in threat-calculation, so tanks will want high-charisma. NPCs will also make certain conversation options available to characters with higher charisma. In PnP, the GM can provide certain valuable information to characters who ask nicely.

Buying and Selling

Charisma is chiefly used when making transactions with NPC shopkeepers. A higher Charisma score means better prices. The base sale-price offered by the NPC is qual to player's charisma +10, this score is then used as a percentage. So if the item is worth 100GP and the player has a charisma of 10, the merchant will offer the player 20GP for the item.

When buying items, the merchant will give the player a discount based on their charisma as a percent-off the item's list price. So an item worth 100GP will be offered to a player with 10 charisma for 90GP.


The Medicine Skill is used by all players when applying bandages or drinking healing potions. For bandages, the Medicine Modifier x Medicine Skill + Medicine Skill id added to the total HP gained back from applying the bandages. For potions, the total Medicine Skill is added to the percentage healed.


Tinkering is used in the lock picking and trap portions of the game.


Comprehension covers reading and writing, as well as your basic understanding of the world around you. As covered under Obtaining Spells comprehension is used when attempting to copy a spell from a tome or scroll. Variaous quest-items and locations within dungeons might also look at the comprehension skill and give the player more information.

Comprehension is also used to spot hidden items. It is, however, a completely passive ability(there is no "look around" button.

Hidden items such as doors, secret passages, trap-triggers, etc will have Perception Scores assigned to them, if the player's Perception Check is higher than the score they see whatever is hidden indicated on their screen(or revealed to them by the GM as in the case of the PnP.

Mage Wars PnP

In Mage Wars PnP, a few differences apply:

  • Having 0 Comprehension Skill and 0 Lore Proficiency means your character is unable to read or write, and cannot preform these functions in an RP-setting.

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