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Note: Throwing out the entire threat system and starting over from scratch.

Old threat page.

The new system is going to be an absurdly basic point-system. Apply it as rigidly as you see fit.

Key Threat Areas:

  • Class
  • Equipment and Magic
  • Actions and Damage

Each character begins with a base Threat Level of 1.

Sources of Threat


Class-based threat calculations are simple:

ClassThread Mod
MRPG Warrior+2
MRPG Rogue-1
MRPG Ranger+1
MRPG Exo-Mage+1
MRPG Endo-Mage0
MRPG Auramancer0
MRPG Paladin+2
MRPG Battling Sorcerer+1

Equipment and Magic

What you have and whether or not you're using magic.

Equipment and MagicThread Mod
1-handed Weapon+2
2-handed Weapon+3
Actively Casting a Spell+4
Have Cast a Spell since Combat+2

Actions and Damage

Actions and DamageThread Mod
Melee Damage Last Round+2
Melee Damage since Combat+1
Ranged Damage Damage Last Round+1
Ranged Damage Since Combat+1
Activated Ability Last Round+1

In the case of the damage checks, this is not "+1 every time" it is "+1 if happened". So if a character has done damage since combat began their over-all threat level is at +1, and if they dealt damage last round, it's increased by an additional +2.

Threat Calculations

Fairly simple: add up all the points, whoever has the highest number is generating the most Threat, and enemies will attack them first if it's convenient. Consider basic attack radius, most enemies will go after whoever's closest. Threat should be recalculated on a round by round basis, though it's pretty easy to go by a few factors: who has done damage last and who has cast a spell last. Still, if one character has signficantly more threat than the rest, it will be the obvious target.

You will notice basically everything in here is either a + or nothing. Each point in Special Proficiency, Stealth, reduces threat generated by 1 point.

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