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The Mage Wars Pen and Paper game is similar to the M.M.O. and draws on much of the same content, including the facet system, classes, etc. The P.n.P. differs primarily in slight alterations to the combat system and other changes to accommodate a pen and paper medium. Those changes will be discussed here.


This game is based on the Course Books series and uses the same rules and settings. Since the Course Books were also written by me, anything you find in this game is considered canon. All that said, the system used here is simple and highly adaptable. Without a terrible amount of difficulty, you should easily be able to adapt this system to your own adventures. This is a free and open world, go and explore it!

The Course Books is a long and diverse series, which builds on a lengthy history (though it is not on the official timeline, I have mapped the story all the way to the beginning of time). The campaign setting for the game is the Mage Wars, a brutal period of conflict and magic.


World Shaping

The key aspect of the game is storytelling, both by the players and by the WorldShaper(game master). Combat and spell casting is the only part of the game with a clearly-defined rule system. The rest is based on storytelling and interaction between the player-characters and the game world created by the WorldShaper.

The G.M. begins with a story outline for the whole campaign and a plan for each game-play session. This may include exploration, combat, puzzles, or more. The plan should be flexible and able to change according to the player’s actions.

The players, meanwhile, create rich and detailed background stories for their characters, complete with motivations and in-depth personalities. How the background story interacts with the campaign will be determined.

Over all, players should work with the G.M. to weave a story. The game is not about competition and the G.M. is not the enemy. Ideally, this is a game played between friends, in a friendly environment. There is no “winning” or “losing” here; the players and G.M. complete the adventure as a team.

To that end, there are few rules for interactions beyond combat. In order to add some chance, a G.M. may at any time call for a dice roll, based on a given statistic, to decide success or failure in an incident. More often, however, the players should simply role-play through any given situation.

Mage Wars R.P.G.

Included in this wiki is the Mage Wars RPG, an extensive design document for an M.M.O. developed concurrently with Mage Wars P.n.P. Both games share many pages in common, as certain aspects of them are simply identical. All pages are in the same category, but pages specifically belonging to the Pen and Paper game will have the 'M.P.N.P.' prefix as opposed to M.R.P.G. (as all pages belonging to both or just the M.M.O. do).

P.n.P. Rules

This section will attempt to link to all pertinent pages that deal only with the Pen and Paper game or with both. Do not expect miracles; this is an ongoing project.

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