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Groups in the game fall into the Party, Fellowship, and Guild systems.


A party is a basic short-term group, several individuals banding together to complete a specific dungeon and then going their separate ways.


A Fellowship is a more permanent group of two or more players, banding todether for a specific objective (even if that objective is merely 'fun'). Some specific quest-chains or longer-duration dungeons might require a fellowship to complete. Fellowships can also act as very small guilds for players interested in working with a few like-minded friends. The fellowship is based around an item called a Fellowship Stone which minds the group together (part of the Magical Quest from the Course Books mythos). In the game, this item will grant every member of the fellowship certain bonuses that increase as the fellowship stays together.


This is pretty standard MMO-fair and will be used mostly in Player vs. Player. Guilds will primarily be banded together to buy and operate large SkyShips.

Guild Hall

Guilds will be able to collectively own property (see Player Housing), and may find banding together to share resources more effective than trying to produce individual dwellings.

Guild Crest

The crest is an ornamental decoration, which the guildmaster will be able to Choose. If possible, he/she can upload and display a custom image on various items and things belonging to the guild.

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