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A magical quest is a mission defined by the Laws of Antiquity, blessed by fate and unable to fail if all conditions are met.

Conditions for a Magical Quest

  • At least three individuals must band together to begin the quest;
  • The party must begin with a Fellowship Stone, broken only when the quest is complete;
  • The quest must be bestowed by a wise and noble benefactor.

Other people may join the quest, but at least three are needed to begin. It is also generally accepted that the benefactor must bestow a magical item upon the fellowship to aid them in their quest.


Conventional wisdom holds that Magical Quests originated during Early Antiquity when "The laws of magic were known", though this is a misnomer as magic did not come into human possession until around the beginning of the Age of Darkness. The laws of magic are often referred to as the Rules of Antiquity, separate from the Laws of Antiquity.

Some versions of The Book of Lore do contain passages that may refer to magical quests. During the Mage Wars, when the idea of a Magical Quest was first popularized, the era known as Antiquity is when the Book of Lore was thought to be written. In fact, the book dates to the end of the Mythical Age, and if magical quests did exist then, this is the era where they would have occurred.

The earliest modern record of a Magical Quest comes from the First Chaotic Period, though this reference refers to them as common knowledge at that time. Stories of Nathan Searlin going on magical quests were popular light fiction during the early Golden Age, but no historical evidence has surfaced to confirm or refute the idea.

Magical Quests did certainly occur during the Mage Wars and into the Golden Age.


  • The Slayer Dragons (all of them, from beginning to end) are supposedly on a magical quest imparted to them by Draco, and the Fellowship Stone is in the pommel of Echbalder.