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Multi-Classing in Year of Fire works like so:

  • At character creation, you pick a class. You get all of the fun benifits and capabilities of this class, including the special abilities.
  • Starting at level 2, you can pick a second class. You gain access to that class's Pillars, facets, and proficiencies. You DO NOT get the Exigent Moirai or an additional Harmony at this time.
  • There is effectively no level cap in Year of Fire. When you have leveled your secondary class to the class-cap of 24, you receive that class's Exigent Moirai in addition to your original, regardless of what level your original class was(making dual Exigent Moirais possible as low as lvl 24).
  • You can have up to 3 classes. Worldshapers are free to make a judgement call on this, but the mechanics are built around a 3-max.

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