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The CourseDirector happens to hate rogues. Not because of PvP, but because he finds the whole concept and play style to be uncompromisingly boring. However, that does not mean he will not put much effort into the class.

In Mage Wars RPG, Rogues will be more about evasion and deception. They have high stealth-capabilities, and most of their facets and skills revolve around hiding, staying hidden, and returning to stealth after an attack. The basic focus of the rogue is to be able to walk up behind someone, stab them, and then be so nonchalant about it that they forget what you just did.

Rogues will not have high DPS(this has never made sense, as they use the lightest, smallest weapons in any game). Instead, rogues will focus heavily on making their attacks actually land. Damage may low, but per-attack more attacks will strike home, giving them good DOT.

In a party-setting, the rogue's job is to bring down the target's Defense Value with a flury of high-speed attacks, allowing the warrior to land one large, slow attack for massive damage.

Rogues will also have good burst-damage, being able to hit hard and fast, but only for a brief period of time before they have to stealth again.


  • Weapon Proficiency, Martial
  • Special Proficiency, Stealth
  • Special Proficiency, Dodge

Rogues MUST take one of the following at character creation:

  • Weapon Proficiency, Bladed
  • Weapon Proficiency, Blunt
  • Weapon Proficiency, Ranged
  • Weapon Proficiency, Martial
  • Weapon Proficiency, Empty-Hand
  • Weapon Proficiency, Thrown
  • Special Proficiency, Melee
  • Special Proficiency, Ranged

The fifth Proficiency can be anything from the Open Proficiency List.

Exigent Moirai

  • Rank I: You successfully trick an enemy into ignoring you completely. The next round, they will attack the nearest target according to threat.
    • Rank II: That enemy will now become momentarily confused and will exit combat, not attacking until attacked.
      • Rank III: The effect now extends to any enemies directly targeting you.

Level Progression


Granted Attribute


  • Free Facet
  • Sneak Attack


  • Blind



  • Improved Blind


  • Free Facet



  • Rogue Sneak Attack Bonus


  • Disarm



  • Free Facet




  • Improved Stealth



  • Free Facet


  • Potion Weapon



  • Rogue Improved Speed



  • Split Second


  • Free Facet


  • Free Facet


  • Free Facet


  • Free Facet


Sneaky ----- ARCH ----- Hidey
  • +10 Stealth(Still capped on SPD)
  • -3 Over all Threat generation
Sneaky ----- ARCH ----- Stabby
  • Sneak Attack deals triple damage.
  • On critical, Sneak Attack is an Effect Kill
  • On an attack, you may change up to 3 failures to successes
Stabby ----- ARCH ----- Hidey
  • +5 Stealth
  • You gain the Bluff Activated Ability

Order I

  • You gain the Activated Ability Hide in Daylight

Order I

  • You gain the Activated Ability Ignored Nuisance

Order I

  • You gain Special Proficiency: Stealth as a Proficiency.

Order II

  • You gain the Activated Ability Injure and may combine it with Sneak Attack. This puts both abilities on Cool Down.

Order II

  • If dual-wielding, you get one additional attack per round that costs an extra Action Point.

Order II

  • Disarm gains 1 additional Star

Order III

Order III

  • You gain one additional attack per round as a free action.

Order III

  • When you use the Disarm Activated Ability, you steal the weapon on a 17-20

Order IV

  • You may use Sneak Attack outside of combat and roll 1d4. On a 4 the target will not notice your attack at all. On a 1 you miss and fall on your own blade. Roll damage and everyone around you starts screaming about how you tried to attack that guy. On a 2 or 3 start combat. Roll for damage and add +3 Sneak Attack Dice.
Order IV

Order IV

  • +3 Dodge(This stacks with innate dodge if you do not have Special Proficiency: Dodge)

Order V

  • The Cool Down of your Sneak Attack Activated Ability is reduced by 2.

Order V

  • Your Medium weapons are considered 'small' for all purposes.

Order V

  • When you are the target of an attack, you may steal 2 Successes from your attacker and apply them to your next attack roll.

Order VI

  • +5 Bonus to Disarm

Order VI

  • +1 Weapon damage dice when wielding a Small weapon.

Order VI

  • When you use the Disarm Activated Ability, roll 1d20. On a 20, you steal the weapon and keep it afterwards.

Order VII

  • If you have the Weapon Subtype Focus for Daggers, you get an additional +3 attack when using a dagger.
Order VII

Order VII

  • +4 Stealth(Requires Special Proficiency: Stealth)
Order VIII

Order VIII

  • +/- 1 point on attack roles(optional)
Order VIII

Order IX

  • +1 Charisma
    • +1 per 3 Orders

Order IX

  • +1 Attack
    • +1 Attack per Order

Only applies if you have equipped a Small weapon

Order IX

  • +1 to Deception skill
    • +1 per 3 Orders


Rogues have an extremely nonchalant attitude, and are very adept at throwing off an enemy's focus. After making an attack, a rogue can attempt to hide the source of said attack and make himself appear non-threatening.

In general, rouges can appear, if not invisible, then just not worth noticing. They blend in. Enemies apply less importance to them. Until they get stabbed.

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