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Loot generates according to the level of the module. Many modules might include specific named-items, but whenever random loot is called for, use the following rules.


Mobs will usually drop a single item. Most of the time, that item will be a crafting ingredient. Each mob will have a list of collectibles it can drop, . Otherwise it can drop a random ingredient from the enchanting or alchemical tables. Roll 1d20 to decide:

1-12Something from the Collectibles List
13-18Flip a coin: heads, Alchemical, tails, Enchanting.
19-20An Equip Item, see Equip Items

From there, refer to the individual loot tables for further information


Containers come in 3 Classifications:

  • Small: contains only money and tiny, very small, and small items such as gems, jewelry, or the smallest size of a material.
  • Medium: contains tiny to medium items.
  • Large: Contains all sizes of items.

For the number of items, start with the party size. Each container should hold about 3-5 items per character. You've also got to consider level: higher-level characters will have no use for low-level items. Check the Equip Items section for a series of loot rules. Most tables will have loot rules by character rank.

In many cases, the module will recommend an assortment of items to be found in a given container. The instructions might give a specific list, or ask you to roll on random numbers of ingredients, equip items, or use items. If a chest or other container includes a quest-item, it will specifically list the item as such, in which case it must be there and is not subject to random chance(unless, again, the module specifies).

Alternatively, if you are building your own module from scratch, or just want a little more flexibility, here is a random dice table you can work with. Containers have 5 ratings(1-5), roll a d6, if it lands on six, the container explodes and deals 10d10 damage to all party members, that should be fun. Also remember as the GM you have the privilege of deciding what your dice landed on. Assuming you get a 1-5, roll 1-5d20 and use the table bellow(If it lands on a 3, you roll 3d20s, if its a 5, 5d20s, etc).


A subset of containers are plants, plants drop items specifically from the plants list and will drop 1d8 of the specified ingredient(a Sage plant will only drop sage, obviously).


What follows are all of the various loot tables or links to said tables.

Master Table

This table is a general starting point, however if your players are asking for something specific, feel free to skip to a sub-table. For the most part, any roll on this table will require you to move down to a sub-table to roll.

01Nothing. You rolled badly. Twice. Your rolls are bad and you should feel bad.
02Roll Currency Table
03Roll Equip Item Table
04Roll Alchemical Table
05Nothing but spiders
06Roll Again
07Roll Alchemical Table
08Roll Alchemical Table
09Roll Gem Table
10Roll Equip Item Table
11Roll Equip Item Table
12Roll Equip Item Table
13Roll Potions Table
14Roll Currency Table
15Roll Equip Item Table
16Roll Currency Table
17Roll Currency Table
18Roll Enchanting Table
19Roll Enchanting Table<
20Roll Weapon Table
21Roll Alchemical Table
22Roll Currency Table
23Roll Alchemical Table
24Roll Materials Table
25Roll Materials Table
26Roll Materials Table
27Roll Materials Table
28Roll Materials Table
29Roll Materials Table
30Roll Potions Table
31Roll Equip Item Table
32Roll Tools Table
33Roll Tools Table
34Roll Use Items Table
35Roll Alchemical Table
36Roll Alchemical Table
37Roll Potions Table
38Roll Materials Table
39Roll Materials Table
40Roll Weapon Table
41Roll Enchanting Table
42Roll Use Items Table
43Roll Potions Table
44Roll Enchanting Table
45Roll Alchemical Table
46Roll Currency Table
47Roll Currency Table
48Roll Currency Table
49Roll Currency Table
50Roll Equip Item Table
51Roll Potions Table
52Roll Use Items Table
53Roll Materials Table
54Roll Equip Item Table
55Roll Equip Item Table
56Roll Alchemical Table
57Roll Tools Table
58Roll Potions Table
59Roll Enchanting Table
60Roll Weapon Table
61Roll Use Items Table
62Roll Potions Table
63Roll Use Items Table
64Roll Currency Table
65Roll Currency Table
66Roll Use Items Table
67Roll Use Items Table
68Roll Use Items Table
69Roll Currency Table
70Roll Equip Item Table
71Roll Alchemical Table
72Roll Equip Item Table
73Roll Materials Table
74Roll Tools Table
75Roll Enchanting Table
76Roll Enchanting Table
77Roll Currency Table
78Roll Equip Item Table
79Roll Equip Item Table
80Roll Weapon Table
81Roll Jewelry Table
82Roll Jewelry Table
83Roll Jewelry Table
84Roll Jewelry Table
85Roll Jewelry Table
86Roll Jewelry Table
87Roll Jewelry Table
88Roll Jewelry Table
89Roll Armor Table
90Roll Armor Table
91Roll Armor Table
92Roll Armor Table
93Roll Armor Table
94Roll Weapon Table
95Roll Weapon Table
96Roll Weapon Table
97Roll Weapon Table
98Roll Weapon Table
99Roll Weapon Table
100Roll Special Table
  • Note: If ever you roll a 5 on this table for any reason, the container is full of spiders and nothing else. Let your player's do with this as they will.

Crafting Ingredients

There are three types: enchanting, alchemical, and Materials.


All alchemical ingredients are considered to be of equal rarity. Ingredients are numbered, so when the table is finished this entry will include a number of dice to roll in order to pick the ingredient or number of ingredients.


Enchanting ingredients require a bit more work. Powders are of equal rarity and much more common than gems, so powders will be found most often. Gemestones are more scarce, and can rarely be found with the -Imbued property already there.



Equip Items

Equip items include all weapons, armor, and jewelry. While the game has 22 different equipment slots, there are effectively 12(each ear and each hand can be counted as 1 slot, pluss all the rings count as 1). However, as weapons are the most important, they should drop most often. Roll 1d20 and refer to the chart:

1Weapon/Shield 2Ring 3Feet 4Weapon/Shield 5Weapon/Shield
6Head 7Wrists 8Weapon/Shield 9Ring 10Hands
11Weapon/Shield 12Earing 13Weapon/Shield 14Necklace 15Chest
16Weapon/Shield 17Shins 18Legs 19Weapon/Shield 20Shoulders

Armor Table

Once the set-piece has been determined.

Weapon Table


Jewelry Table

Layouts are hard, ok?

Use Items

Coming Soon!


Runeing Equipment
Smithing Tools
Transcription Components



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