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The Mage Wars RPG will offer significant web-integration, allowing players to interact with their accounts from outside the game.

Forum Integration

Your forum username will be set independently from your account username, but you will still be required to have a game account in order to access the forum, and to connect that account to your forum account. Users on the forums will be able to see other user's characters, guild affiliations, achievements, etc(all configurable via privacy settings), all through a web-browser.

Account Integration

Players will be able to access and view their individual character's inventories and bank accounts from outside the game, see equipped items, etc. They will also be able to buy and sell things on the Auction House from the browser interface. Only items in the character's bank can be sold this way. For items purchased, the player will still have to log into the game to move the item from the mailbox to their bank.

Players will also be able to access in-game mail and guild-resources from the browser.

Advanced Integration

If possible, it would be neat to make a portion of the game "playable" completely through the web browser. Players would not really be able to "play" the game in the sense of exploring and adventuring, but if they could access some public areas, in-game chats, trade, auction house, etc, through a web browser, that would be pretty neat.

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