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Note: Doing a complete overhaul of the page.

This page covers attack and damage rolls, spell-casting, special abilities, and various other tidbits related to fighting. For how to carry it out on the tabletop, see Combat Instances and Rounds. This page is mostly about dice.

Attack and Defense

Dice roles(using There Is No Twelve) come in Attack Value and Defense Value. How these values are calculated depends on the character class and the type of attack being made. For example: a simple sword attack would be Weapon Proficiency: Bladed" + any bonuses(such as Special Proficiency: Melee). Refer to individual Class pages for table calculations.

An attacker rolls Attack and the defender rolls Defense. Whoever comes up with the the highest number of points, wins. Each time a character(be it Player or non) is the target of an attack, they loose 1 defense dice after their defense roll. After determining of the hit is successful or not, roll for damage.

Critical Hits

A basic critical hit is made whenever the target rolls zero points on defense. Critical hits deal double damage, and may have additional special effects.

Additionally, based on the number of points being rolled, an attack can Super-Critical. Super-Crits are based on multiples of eight, and must be the number exactly or they do not count. Additionally, the base attack still has to be a critical hit. Each level of Super-Crit adds 1 to the damage multiplier:

  • Base Crit: x2
    • 8-point Super-Crit: x3
      • 16-point Super-Crit: x4
        • 25-point Super-Crit: x5

Etc. There is no limit to the Super-Criticals. The only stipulation is that the value of the attack roll must equal a multiple of eight. Some abilities allow players to add or subtract points from their roll, this to help better hit the over-crit numbers. Players are allowed to use the abilities after rolling.

Special Attacks

A 'Special Attack' is any kind of attack that uses an Activated Ability. Examples include Injure and Multi-Shot. Unless specified on the attack rules, special attacks must still roll for a normal attack and succeed. In addition, some special attacks have Star Ratings that must meet or exceed that of the target to be successful.

Activated Abilities can be used as a free action outside of a regular attack, at which point they have no roll. Some activated abilities(such as Multi-Shot) are specific special-attack abilities and must be combined with an attack. In these instances, the ability will be marked as a special attack.

Combat Conditions

Many effects matter in combat, and must be taken into consideration. See the effects page for the In Combat ruls for each effect.

Sneak Attack

A sneak attack is any attack that is unexpected. Any class can make a sneak attack. Mages can make sneak attacks with physical or mystical spells(but not Effect spells).

Attacks can be considered unexpected if the attacker is outside of the enemy's site line, the target is suffering from some sort of debilitating effect. The same rules apply if the target is able to see the attack coming, but is somehow rendered defenseless(E.G. knocked down, stunned, etc).

There is no automatic bonus to damage for making a sneak attack, refer to individual character class pages and weapons for their sneak-attack effects.

Dodge and Evade

Dodge and Evade work exactly the same way but have different governing stats. Only players with the Evade proficiency may use the Evade governing Stat, all other players follow the rules for Dodge(E.G. Mages who don't have the Evade proficiency still use DEX for dodge attempts).

Dodge is a different way of calculating Defense. All characters have an innate Dodge ability equal to one-half their Dexterity score. If a character lacks another source of defense(such as an Armor proficiency), they can use this to make a defense role. Additionally, Special Proficiency: Dodge allows a player to build an actual skill based around not getting hit. If a character posses the Dodge proficiency, they use that for Defense rolls. Just like in normal defense, the character looses 1 point of Dodge with ever attack. If they DO NOT possess the proficiency and have NO OTHER defensive proficiencies(such as Armor Proficiency) then their dodge is treated as an absolute minimum and does not go down.

A character may have BOTH armor AND Dodge proficiencies. In this case, they would role defense separately for each method.

Finally, a character who posses an armor proficiency but has had their DV reduced to 0 is then allowed to attempt Dodge rolls, again starting with a base Dodge equal to half their dexterity.

Dodges are effected by Flourish.


A wizard leaves nothing to chance.

By which is meant: spells(and Talents) do not require Attack Rolls. Instead, Spells use the Star Rating System to determine their effectiveness. Spellcasting is not based on the star rating of the player; rather, like Activated Abilities, each spell has its own number of Stars.

Some Mobs and Players may have a raised Star Rating specifically for spells. Most do not.

Spell Resistance(Damage Reduction)

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