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It is possible to dual-wield any weapon, regardless of practicality, probability, or sanity. It just takes a lot of work.

Attacking with the off-hand weapon takes a Free Action. See [[MPNP Combat Instances and Rounds#Attack Speed|Attack Speed for full details

Base Rules:

  • The character must have weapon proficiency for each weapon.
  • Each Weapon must be 1-handed
  • The Off-hand weapon suffers an attack penalty according to size as follows:
Vary Large-90%

This applies to the AV and not the number of Attack Dice, so any bonuses directly to attack dice are still applied.

See Dual Wielding Facets for information on how to change this.

Off-Hand Damage

Off-Hand weapon damage is treated as normal. Off-Hand weapons gain bonus damage dice from any applicable sources. A bonus that applies additional damage dice, such as a facet or enchanted item, applies to both equipped weapon.

Ranged Dual-Wielding

Many people will, immediately respond that dual-wielding ranged weapons is stupid and ridiculous. I say "neener-neener-neerner my game is cooler than yours!" to them.

Ranged Dual Wielding relies entirely on facets and is significantly more investment-intensive than melee. Basically, you have to start by mastering having something else in your hand.

As for HOW someone would feasibly an accurately use 2 longbows at a time, that's what imagination is for.

Thrown Dual Wielding

The basic game rules treat throwing weapons as 2-handed. Facets allow you to change this.

Dual-Wielding and Spellcasting

Dual-wielding does not impose any penalty on magic, so it is possible for mages to dual-wield and fight(hybrid classes will find this particularly useful.

Mages have facets which allow them to equip a spellbook to each hand. As covered in spellbooks, spellbooks count as melee weapons and are subject to dual-wielding penalties and rules.


Pure-magic classes(Endo-Mage, Exo-Mage, and Lifebringer) may equip a staff(nromally a 2-handed weapon) in one hand and a shield or spellbook in the other, without having taken any special facets. However, doing so makes them unable to attack with either.

Martial Weapons

Certain martial weapons can automatically be dual-wielded without imposing an off-hand penalty. These include:

  • Tonfu
  • Knuckler
  • Hand Wrap
  • Kama

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