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This is the core system for rolling dice in Mage Wars RPG(or Year of Fire or what have you) it is called "There Is No Twelve", and here's how it works:

  1. Roll a number of 12-sided dice
  2. Re-Roll any dice that lands on a 12
  3. Count the number of dice showing 8 or higher

Everything 8 or higher adds is one point, the goal is to get either the highest number of points or a specific number of points. 8 being a weirdly important number throughout the game and the Course Books cannon from which the game is drawn.

For combat, see MRPG Combat and Magic since the rules are slightly different. In non-combat scenarios, the WorldShaper will decide how much success you need to complete an action. No matter what, you roll based on your Attack Value. For many RP activities, Skills also factor in. Each skill point adds 1 automatic success point to the roll.

Example: A player is attempting to convince an NPC to give the party a discount on some horses. The player would roll attack, then add their charisma to the success score. If the WorldShaper decides its high enough, they succeed.

Determining Dice

Dice are determined by adding the relevant skill and it's governing stat, plus any bonuses. Each Skill has a stat that governs it, and the skill cannot exceed the stat. For example, Weapon Proficiency: Melee is governed by Strength, so the player cannot have a score higher than their strength stat.

Additionally, certain skills provide additional bonuses. These are still governed by a maximum stat, but are added separately to the number of dice.

Example: A warrior has "Weapon Proficiency: Bladed" and "Special Proficiency: Melee". He adds those together with his Strength stat to get his Attack Value.

Defense Value is calculated similarly.

Magic does not neccessitate a dice roll but is based on the Star Rating system.

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