MRPG Rise of the Raw Forms

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Obviously there is much revision needed, this is just where I put notes.

Raw Forms will use the Junction Ability like Exo-Mages, but with a few twists.

1. All spells will be junctionable. 2. No Junction Cap 3. Max of maybe 5-10 different spells 4. Ability to regenerate junction points on the fly 5. Extra "placeholder" junction abilities earnable so they can avoid the cool down

Rise of the Raw Forms is more an update than an expansion as it adds the Raw-Form caster to the line up of available classes, and will also bring in some new content and new game areas to explore and destroy.

Raw-Form Caster

  • Magic Proficiency, Raw - grants the ability to use raw-form magic
  • Special Proficiency, Flight - grants the ability to fly
  • Focus Proficiency - grants the ability to use focus
  • Special Proficiency, Draw - grants the ability to draw raw energy from the world around you
  • Armor Proficiency, Heavy - grants the ability to wear heavy armor
  • Weapon Proficiency, Empty-Hand - grants the ability to use special empty-handed power attacks
  • Shield Proficiency - grants the ability to use shields

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