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Mage Wars RPG will contain a pre-Alliance version of Sun's Beacon. This will be the largest city in the game and the center of adventuring for most players. Sun's Beacon will be roughly equal in scope to the city of Stormreach from Dungeons and Dragons Online. large, richly detailed, with multiple areas.

Adventurer's District

This will be the main band of the city, an area designed to cater to the adventurers of the world. It will contain quests as well as all the amenities. Portals to other regions will be found here.

The Adventurer's District spans a large road through the city, leading from the Agras Plane to the Lowland Planes.

Central Stretch

Included in the District is the Central Stretch, basically a one-stop shop for all your adventuring needs. The Stretch is similar to a modern shopping mall, with a large "anchor" store on either end (one selling weapons and the other selling armor), and a series of shops and stalls in between. Every type of consumable is sold here, as well as all the different basic crafting workstations.

Mages' Quarter

The Mages' Quarter of Sun's Beacon is focused around trainers and other amenities for mages. The city's Mage Tower is inside the castle, but the quarter serves as the main gathering area for wizards.


On the inland side of the city is located the downtown district. This area will include primarily player housing, guild halls, and other residential-type areas. There will be a few quests located here. A main road leads from the starting area to the central stretch.

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