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Basic Alchemy is available to all players and does not require any skill-points or leveling. Instead, the player's alchemy skill is based on their actual level. Raw ingredients may be gathered from adventure areas and combined at an alchemy shop found in every town. Players can choose to ignore this feature all together and instead simply buy potions.

Each alchemy shop will have a recipe book on hand for patrons to use, so collecting alchemical recipes is unnecessary. The book-interface will allow the player to set minimum and maximum levels to display, allowing them to eliminate low-level recipes and view those they cannot yet complete.

The alchemy shop will sell many raw ingredients, allowing players to complete most alchemical recipes with the click of a mouse. Finished potions cannot be sold to vendors.


Basic alchemy mostly just makes healing and mana potions, along with some basic stat-buffs and the potions used in afflicting effects such as blindness or Immobile. It can also produce negative-effect-removing potions. With the exception of healing and mana potions, players will be able to make all available potions by about rank 1.

Alchemy Shops

Shops will actually sell everything you need to make all basic potions, including finished potions themselves(players in a hurry can just fork over the cash and be on their way). Ingredient prices will have a high markup and very by location. Example: an alchemist in a small, remote village will charge much higher prices because of the distance goods must travel to reach him.

The shops will also buy ingredients. However, the most economically-efficient method is for players to farm ingredients and make their own potions, perhaps only buying the handful of ingredients they need.

Alchemical Process

The potion-brewing process will essentially consist of walking up to a workstation(and there is only one) clicking on it, and then selecting the potion you want from a list. Any ingredients you don't have can be purchased right then and there. Any you do have will be drawn from your bags first.

In addition to the ingredients, each potion will require a container of some sort, different potions take different types. The alchemy shop helpfully sells all of these. You can also find them as random loot. Note that alchemical enchanting, while similar, uses much rarer and more expensive ingredients.

Potions Recipes

For potions, see the potions page.

All potions use at minimum 1 liquid, 1 plant, and 1 filtering agent. Some will also use special ingredients. See the MRPG Alchemical Ingredients list.

Healing DraughtWater from a Sacred SpringWillow BarkCharcoal


Alchemical formulas can draw from any ingredient used in any crafting discipline. However, some items, such as plants, are used only in alchemy.


Every potion requires a container, so crafting a container is part of alchemy. Containers are also used in several forms of enchanting. The process is simple, just take enough of the required materials to an alchemical workshop and combine them. Containers come in the following sizes:

Container# Req Mats

Containers can be made of virtually any material. The recipe will call for whatever the largest unit of measure calls for. So if you needed to make, say, an Iron Amphora, you would need 24 iron ingots. Many materials do not come in multiple measures, such as quartz.

Enchanting sometimes calls for dual-type containers. In this instance, you will need to combine the required number of both types of materials. So to make an Earth/Water Amphora, you would need 24 units of Clay as well as 24 units of crystal.

More unusual containers may require special rituals to create, such as containers made of water or mercury.

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