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(Note: the PnP and MMO use the same level-progression System)

Level progression in Mage Wars PnP is based around 24 levels divided into 3 ranks of 8 levels each. Those paying close attention may have seen this coming.


Each class has both a favored Stat and two favored Proficiency. These get extra points at character creation, and also 1 extra Stat and 3 extra Skill for each rank. In cases where a choice was made at character creation, the bonus is automatically applied to the same Stat or Proficiency.


Mage Wars RPG includes five different types of points: Stat, Skill, Proficiency, Facet, and Tree, though not all classes use tree-points. Tree points are used in spell or skill trees such as the Exo-Mage tree.

Stat Points

Every 3 levels, the character earns 1 point to spend on increasing a base(unbuffed) stat.

Proficiency Points

Every level, the character earns 1 point to spend increasing the proficiency of their choice. This, again, effects the unbuffed proficiency.

Facet Points

Each level, the character earns 1 point to spend on facets, as well as 1 bonus-point at each rank(levels 8, 16, and 24).

Pillar Points(Formerly "tree")

This whole section needs overhauling.

Tree points behave a little bit differently depending on the class. In general, each level the characters earns 1 tree point to spend on each tree he or she has access to. For the Exo-Mage who uses a single tree for all-four proficiencies, 4 points are granted.

Tree Points are not 1-point per-tree but rather 1-point for each tree, meaning a Paladin who has traded for the dark magic proficiency and thus has access to both sides of the Magefire tree does not get 2 points to spend as they please, but 1 point for each side.

Skill Points

Skill points are only spendable at character-creation, skills never increase after that time.

XP Table

Rank I:Rank II:Rank III:

Spell Progression

New spells will become available to the player every 3 and 5 levels. So the player will earn new spells(or improved versions of old spells) at Levels 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, etc. Players with access to tree-type spells gain their unbuffed intelligence-modifier in tree-points to spend, with the exception of Exo-Mages, who gain 4xINT Modifier.

Level Progression Beyond Rank III

The MMO will more than likely begin with a cap at Rank III. The PnP, however, does not require such restrictions.

Players can continue to level past Rank III, all the way up to Rank VIII. For each Rank past III the player earns, they have the ability to take on 1 new Proficiency, allowing for a total of 13 proficiencies at Rank VIII(level 64).

Epic Levels

Past Rank VIII the player enters the Epic Level stage of the game, there are 24 Epic Levels with no individual ranks, making the total level cap 88. Beyond level 64, players will stop receiving stat increases and instead earn 1 point per level for proficiencies. The Epic Levels will be much, much more difficult than the lower levels.


Or lack there of. There is effectively no cap. After conquering the Epic Levels, players can continue forward. In order to advance from level 88 to level 89, they must earn as much XP as was required to go from 1-88. The formula then continues along an exponential curve. In order to go from 89 to 90, they must earn as much as it took to go from 1-89, and so on, and so fourth. Eventually its going to get beyond impossible, but then again by then they will be beyond powerful.


Too many MMOs make the mistake of focusing entirely around end-game content. Levels 1-59 exist souly to get to level 60, and the entire game happens at level 60. This is retarded, the journey is just as important, if not more important than the destination.

While Mage Wars will have extensive and AWESOME end-game content, the content will be designed around a level cap of 64, since progression into the epic levels will be kind of ridiculous. And, unlike at the lower levels, characters with epic levels will not have too much of an advantage over those without(E.G. a level 80 character grouped with a level 64 will not be the one doing all the work).

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