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Magefire, despite the deceptively-based name, is a special spell-tree accessible in two sides by classes with the light and dark magic proficiencies. The Endo-Mage already has access to both sides of the tree.

The technique is not, as the name implies, fire-based, but it works around dark and light magic. Thus, it deals positive or negative damage instead of fire damage.

Light Magefire

  • Magefire: A jet of pure-white flame escapes the mage's hands, dealing 1d6 positive-damage per level.
    • Magefire, Enhanced: Your Magefire spell deals an additional 5 points of supplemental damage +10 points per rank.
      • Magefire Prism: Your Magefire spell now splits into three beams, striking either three separate targets or bending to strike a single target three times
      • Magefire Burst: A wave of Magefire breaks out from around you, dealing 1d6 positive damage per level +15 points of supplemental damage per rank. Range: 8 feet.
        • Magefire Burst, Enhanced: Your Magefire Burst spell's range is extended to sixteen feet in all directions.
          • Magfire Blast:' A wave of Magefire breaks out from around the target, dealing 3d6 positive damage per level +15 points of supplemental damage per rank. Range: 8 feet.
    • Blinding Magefire Flash: An overwhelming wave of light emanates from you, blinding every target that fails the RV-check for 2d6 seconds.
      • Blinding Magefire Flash, Enhanced: When casting Blinding Magefire Flash, add +1 to SV for each level.
        • Hammer of Magefire: Slams a solid globe of magefire into the target which explodes outward, causing all enemies within the radius to be knocked down for 1d6+Rank-d6 seconds. Range: 5 feet.
      • Illumination I: All Positive Spells gain a +1-per-level to SV.
        • Illumination II: You gain a +5 resistance to all non-Positive sources of damage (This does not include supplemental damage).

Dark Magefire

Dark Magefire deals more damage over time and specific, high-damage spells early-on. Dark magefire is also among the few techniques able to deal temporary and lasting stat-damage.

Infernation I: yes that's a word.


  • Dark Magic


          • Combine: All spells you case deal Supplemental damage instead of their usual damage-types.

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