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The Infernal Court is a mid-to-end-game raid designed for Mage Wars RPG. A pen-and-paper version will also be adapted for Mage Wars PnP. This is concieved as a "trashless" raid, insofar as there are no trash mobs to kill, the raid is strictly puzzles and bosses. The idea is to be fast-paced and focus on the fun part of the game, not the grindy part.


This raid has the players attacking a Marcon stronghold in order to free an important prisoner. This particular stronghold is a prison where the Marcons keep and torture their most important prisoners, through the aid of fiendish magic. In the mid-game version of the raid, they will face three bosses, and resuce the prisoner. In the end-game version, they will face more powerful versions of the original three, the prisoner will 'die', and they will be forced to follow the fiends into the underworld to complete the rescue, and face three additional bosses.

Again, the entire raid will be without trash. It should take around 30-45 minutes game-time, all boss fights.


The phases are the same for each version, the early-game just only goes past the first 3.

  • The Judge
  • The Jury
  • The Executioner
  • The Boat Pilot
  • The Serpent
  • The Gatekeeper

Phase I

The Judge

The Judge is a straight-ahead boss fight. He's big, strong, hits hard, and has high HP. The Judge fight should be about as hard as the final boss fight (though more straightforward). This phase will end with a simple puzzle-lock that determines how the next phase must be played.

For the puzzle, it will consist of lighted floor tiles, each player has to stand on one, and then move to another in succession, in order to create a light-pattern (this can be done entirely by one player or by a few players or by all players). There are three possible patterns, and each selects a different scenario for the next phase. This is not random: the players may choose exactly what scenario they want.

Phase II

The Jury

The Jury consists of twelve Blood Sheep (basically giant sheep monsters) named Juror 1-13, that must be killed in a specific way, according to how the puzzle in Phaze I was completed.

  • Scenario 1: Basic, straightforward system: the sheep must be killed in Juror-order (1 followed by 2, etc).
  • Scenario 2: The sheep must all die within a relatively narrow window, and must be pulled into the "Innocent" pen before they die. Any sheep that are dead before the time limit expires will respawn.
  • Scenario 3: The sheep must be killed as a "hung jury"; 6 have to die in the Innocent pen, six in the Guilty pen, and the thirteenth sheep has to be effect-killed or die in a way that does not involve its HP hitting zero (such as by a "death" effect). If the second method is used the sheep has to die in the original jury pen before any of the other sheep.

Phase III

The Executioner

This is a particularly frustrating fight. The Executioner himself has relatively low HP, however he spams effect-abilities and de-weave spells. He spams AOE Blindness, Knockdown, Disarm, and Injure attacks, coupled with some physical damage. He can also hit specific players with Quiet and Silence effects and no damage. The Executioner will also instantly kill a player on a critical hit. This is considered a damage effect and not a death effect.

His effect-attacks have no check, the only way to avoid them is to have some immunity in place that he cannot debuff. Ultimately the strategy for defeating the Executioner is to use melee characters to tank him and soak up damage and effect-attacks, while ranged characters handle the actual DPS. The Executioner has relatively low DPS, and a well-appointed group could beat him using a straightforward "KILL! KILL! KILL!" attack strategy.

The quest ends here in the mid-game version. The executioner kills the prisoner no matter what, and the players are rewarded for at least trying. Also there is the standard raid loot.

Phase IV

The Boat Pilot

In the end-game version of the raid, the players get the chance to follow the prisoner into the Underworld and try again to rescue him/her/it. The first step is to cross the River Styx into the underworld, and to do this, the players must face the Boat Pilot.

The Boat Pilot can only be struck by weapons made from Magical Materials. He is immune to most damage types, but takes massive damage from healing spells. The Boat Pilot can also be effect-killed by by luring him out onto the boat and sinking the boat. However, this makes the next phase much more challenging.

On completion of Phase IV, the players can board the boat and begin the river crossing. If they ussed the effect-kill to destroy the Boat Pilot, they will have to swim.

Phase V

The Serpent

Halfway across the river, players encounter The Serpent: a large water snake with the power to regenerate (and multiply) severed heads. This is a pretty straight boss fight where you have to kill it to advance.

The serpent will also attack the boat. Players can repair the boat by picking up items that spawn in one location and moving them to the damage site. The boat can also be destroyed, at which point the players will have to fight the the Serpent from in the water. While swimming, mages can only use fast-cast spells and other players can only use ranged attacks, both by jumping momentarily out of the water and activating the attack.

If the players used the effect-kill to destroy the Boat Pilot, they will have to complete the entire fight in the water (ice and water-walk spells will help quite a bit, and the Serpent has no debuffs).

Phase VI

The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is the final boss of the dungeon. You fight him outside the gates, alongside the prisoner, and if you can kill him, you rescue the prisoner. The Gatekeeper is also a fairly straightforward fight; use your best weapons and cleverest strategies to overpower him, and don't hit the prisoner (or your fellow players) while you're at it.

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