Lal Soratami

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Pendragon anointed during the Necromanic Wars, famous for ordering the elimination of all Necromancers except one temple established at Arindell.

Author of the Codex Lahyum.

Early Life


In the urgency of war, Soratami rose quickly to the position of Pendragon, and took full advantage of the position's potential dictatorial powers. Virtually all military authority, and resources, came under his personal command, and soon obeyed him without question. With his own authority secure, Soratami bargained with the Green Temple, to preserve them a grand temple, with associated lands, and a place in Arindell's society, in exchange for their help in laying and binding the Grey Temple's armies of restless dead, and the means to destroy the Grey Temple itself. With this bargain struck, the Wars were brought to an end by Soratami's campaign. He himself killed Honoreck, and lived to preside over Arindell and the Slayer Dragons for some years afterward.


It is sometimes questioned whether Soratami kept his word to the Green Temple, inasmuch as the temple and lands given them proved too small for their population; so small, their years there came to be known as the Imprisonment of the Necromancers. Even though the land was too little for them at the start, he refused to grant any more, or allow them into their ancestral territories around the Feast of Aeons. Like all autocrats, he was capricious, and notorious for cruelty to any who displeased him, even those innocent of any crime or misbehavior. Nevertheless, he is commemorated as a hero, for his victory over the Grey Temple and subsequent benevolent rule over the rest of the Alliance.