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The Slayer Dragon Count (formally abreviated as the 'S.D.C. System') is a calendar system established by Pendragon Jayce Spearlock early in the Golden Age. At that time, the A.Y. System had not yet been established, and the Alliance had no unified calendar. There was no consensus of when exactly the Mage Wars had ended, and the Golden Age begun.

Having ushered in the Golden Age of the Slayer Dragons, Spearlock proposed a system that used the day Eieber took up the sword as a starting date, and counted forwards, thus allowing for a unified chronology of the Slayer Dragons.

Thus, the S.D.C. system begins with B.G.A. 6 as the year 0, with the Golden Age begining in S.D.C. 5. Further, the count is not split into Ages, like the Alliance calendar, but merely counts forward from the anointing of the first Pendragon. Thus, Eieber, first Pendragon of Slayer Dragons, was anointed in S.D.C. 0, and Hunter Jusenkyou, last Pendragon of Slayer Dragons, in S.D.C. 5914. This date is often confused with the 914th year of the Fifth Age, as the A.Y. System would put it, which is nearly 1000 years off.


In S.D.C. notations, the year always comes after the mark. The acronym is abbreviation for Slayer Dragon Count, and is properly "Slayer Dragon Count: Year". Thus, properly abreviated to "S.D.C. Year".

And why did I use "thus" so many freaking times on this page?

Correlation to A.Y.

Because of the difference in systems, correlating S.D.C. dates to A.Y. dates can be difficult. The fact that S.D.C. begins in the Mage Wars only further complicates matters. This chart gives the coresponding S.D.C. dates to the beginings of the Ages of the Alliance.


Second Slayer Dragon Count

In the New Day, Conri Jason Jusenkyou began the tradition of the S.D.C. again, calling it the Second Slayer Dragon Count. S.S.S.C. began in N.D. 35.