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Scarlet Jusenkyou is a descendant of Hunter Jusenkyou, and the protagonist of a new series of books. She finds Echbalder (lost since the end of the Age of the Dragon) and eventually becomes Pendragon. Scarlet was born on the 24th day of the 8th month of the 500th year of the New Day. She trained with Master Franconia.

Physical Description

Scarlet stands a towering 4'11", with a very slight build and all around narrow individual. She does fill out some as she gets older, but doesn't get any taller. She has the trademark Jusenkyou Eyes.

Early Life

Scarlet was born at 3:58 A.M. on the 24th day of the 8th month. It was a Saturday, the 54th day of Summer and the 237th day of the 500th year of the New Day, according to the Resurrection Calendar. She was born in Arindell to parents Royland and Annaria Jusenkyou. Royland is of the Jusenkyou line that descended from Rebecca and Aden. His own parents died young, and he was an only child; as such, before Scarlet's birth, he was the last survivor of the bloodline.

Scarlet's parents met in a rooming house in Arindell where they fell instantly in love. Upon getting married, they had Scarlet almost immediately. For the first two years of her life, the entire family lived in a very cramped studio apartment while the parents worked feverishly to put together enough money for a down payment on a house. They succesfully purchased a four-bedroom tract home in the suburbs of Arindell shortly before Scarlet's third birthday. Outwardly, they are a very typical nuclear family.

Scarlet learned to read at the age of four, and by five had become skilled enough to digest the glossy full-color books her parents often purchased as souvenirs from museum visits. At the time, she mostly would talk animatly about the pictures, but as she began to read them she quickly gained a skill at identifying artifacts and styles, soon giving way to her intense love of history.

As a young child, she was known for shunning dolls or other toys in favor of books. Scarlet never had any interest in fiction, but the family had quite a collection of books about history. By the age of ten, she had abandoned laymen's texts altogether, and was reading historical reference books and archaeological dig reports.

Scarlet was always known for her eccentricity, and had a difficult time connecting with other children. In elementary school she did well academically but was troubled socially, preferring to sit alone and read "grownup books" rather than play. She shared no interests with the other children, as she did not play with toys, video games, or have any interest in TV or movies. She also used a large number of big words in every-day conversation, and seemed uninterested in normal topics.

By middle school, Scarlet was completely ostracized from the other children, who teased and mocked her mercilessly. She retreated further into her books, where she found a sanctuary. Able to ignore most of the teasing, she focused on her studies to the exclusion of all else, and began suffering in school.

In 7th grade, Scarlet was placed in the history class of Manilla Winkledorf, whom she clashed with almost from the start. Scarlet was, by this time, a considerable talent at history, and developed an unfortunate habit of correcting both her teacher and her textbooks. Though extremely talented and knowledgeable, this tendency earned Scarlet an extreme dislike from Winkledorf, who retaliated by failing Scarlet at the end of the year.

To make up the failed history grade, Scarlet was given a remedial summer assignment, a challenging history paper she was to complete and hand in the following year. Scarlet chose for her topic the Slayer Dragons, and went well beyond the scope of the assignment, digging very deep into reference materials and making insights that were impressive for a seasoned researcher.

Hobbies and Interests

Scarlet is an extremely voracious reader of historical texts. She has no interest in novels or fiction of any kind, but is heavily obsessed with history.

Up until the age of 12, Scarlet played soccer and swam on teams run by the local recreation center near her house. Her team was somewhat infamous for never having won a single game, and Scarlet herself was never particularly adept at the rules. She quite the swim team and stopped swimming all together sometime in 6th grade and did not sign up to continue playing on the soccer team in 7th.

Scarlet was a regular attendee to the "Dragoon Lancer Fantasy Day Camp" run by the Gudersnipe Foundation, which hosted sessions every summer starting when she was 8. She is a military fangirl and liked to dress up in fatigues and memorize military trivia. While she did gain several opportunities to fire weapons at camp, her favorite activity was knife-throwing, which she practices avidly all year round.

Scarlet is also a collector of action figures, the one toy she ever showed any interest in. Specifically, Slayer Dragon action figures, of which there are thousands.

Starting at sixteen, Scarlet took up target shooting and trick shooting with a Pendragon Special auto-revolver. At seventeen, she accidentally joined her school's concert band and began to play the clarinet, later switching to flute after graduation.

Library of Arindell

According to Ann, Scarlet was fascinated with the Library of Arindell even as an infant. Being located a short drive from the family home, she was a frequent patron all throughout her childhood, though not an overly popular one. Her relationship with the staff is strained at best, with some librarians amazed by her and others very much annoyed with her antics.

The Library in Scarlet's era has a standing rule that states no individual may check out more than five books at a time. However, five books is barely enough for a decent reference. Scarlet first got around the limitation by using her mother's library card, and quickly discovered that the librarians did not actually check identification. They simply scanned the card and the book, allowing Scarlet to bypass the limitation by signing up for multiple cards(obtaining a card also did not require identification, merely a name).

At first, Scarlet would sneak about by going to different counters. But upon reading the Library's charter, she discovered that there was no actual rule against having multiple library cards, and the librarians could do nothing to stop her. This also offered a clever why to escape overdue book fees, as Scarlet could simply register for a new card whenever she wanted. All tolled, by the age of 13, Scarlet owed roughly 2,500 wingbeats in late book fees.

When Scarlet was eleven, a librarian she befriended made the mistake of letting Scarlet into a rare books archive. Under the Library's magic, there was nothing Scarlet could do to hurt the books themselves, but she was not allowed back into the archive a second time.

Quest for the Sword

At the age of 13, while on a school field trip, Scarlet stumbled into the tomb of Eieber, wherein she was hit with the realization that the sword carried by Conri Jason Jusenkyou at the beginning of the Age of the New Day was not the original sword of the Pendragon. This begins the events of Heart of the Journey.

Personal Equipment

As Pendragon, Scarlet felt the need to be exceptionally well-armed. In addition to Echbalder, she is known to carry: an enchanted collapsing quarterstaff, returning throwing knives, several larger knives, a short sword, a .44 calibre revolver, a machine pistol, and if there was even the remotest possibility of combat, a couple of hand grenades. All these are stored in 'pockets' of bent space, which follow her everywhere.