Scarlet Jusenkyou

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Scarlet Jusenkyou is a descendant of Hunter Jusenkyou, and the protagonist of a new series of books. She finds Echbalder (lost since the end of the Age of the Dragon) and eventually becomes Pendragon. Scarlet was born on the 24th day of the 8th month of the 500th year of the New Day.

Early Life

Scarlet was born in Arindell to parents Annita and Royland. Royland is of the Jusenkyou line that descended from Rebecca and Aden. His own parents died young, and he was an only child; as such, before Scarlet's birth, he was the last survivor of the bloodline.

The family owns a four-bedroom tract home in the suburbs of Arindell. Outwardly, they are a very typical nuclear family. Scarlet, however, learned to read at a young age and quickly became enamored of history. By the age of ten, she had abandoned laymen's texts altogether, and was reading historical reference books and archaeological dig reports.

She was teased and mocked mercilessly in school, which only caused her to retreat further into books.

Quest for the Sword

At the age of 13, while on a school field trip, Scarlet stumbled into the tomb of Eieber, wherein she was hit with the realization that the sword carried by Conri Jason Jusenkyou at the beginning of the Age of the New Day was not the original sword of the Pendragon.

Personal Equipment

As Pendragon, Scarlet felt the need to be exceptionally well-armed. In addition to Echbalder, she is known to carry: an enchanted collapsing quarterstaff, returning throwing knives, several larger knives, a short sword, a .44 calibre revolver, a machine pistol, and if there was even the remotest possibility of combat, a couple of hand grenades. All these are stored in 'pockets' of bent space, which follow her everywhere.