Royland and Annaria Jusenkyou

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Royland and Annaria Jusenkyou are the parents of Scarlet Jusenkyou. Royland is a descendant of Hunter Jusenkyou and until Scarlet's birth was the last surviving member of the Jusenkyou line. Roy and Ann met in 499 of the New Day and were married almost immediately. Scarlet was born a year later in 500. They are a very loving couple, though fairly boring.

Ann Jusenkyou

Ann likes bird-watching, chili cook-offs, and playing cards with friends. She played the clarinet in high school, and rode horses. She has some higher education, and manages the customer service department at an insurance company.

Ann's father died when she was sixteen, leaving a very sizable inheritance to take care of her for the rest of her life. Instead, her mother stole her inheritance and squandered it on poor investments, leaving the family deep in debt by the time Ann turned eighteen. Having only a little money saved, Ann moved to Arindell to start a new life, where she met Roy at the rooming house where they both lived.

Roy Jusenkyou

Royland was born to mundane parents and had a mundane life. He was distantly aware of his ancestry, and inherited a very fine replica of the sword Echbaldam, kept in his family since the days of Conri Jusenkyou. Growing up he was never interested in genealogy, preferring more mundane pursuits such as table tennis; and on special occasions, air hockey. He played soccer through junior high and high school on the local team, but was not talented enough for school teams. His father died when he was a youth, and his mother when he was nineteen. His parents did not leave him much, besides the replica sword and a few other keepsakes.

Roy had jobs off and on since he was fifteen, and had always been clever with money. As a boy he'd done odd jobs and chores around the neighborhood to earn spending money, and his first actual job was dispatch work for a yard work company. He was still in high school at the time, and the job involved working in the evenings, collecting payments and calling prospective clients. Industrious and well-spoken, he learned a considerable amount about the business world; and, most importantly, didn't have to toil in the hot sun to earn a wage. During his summer vacations, Roy used his acumen to obtain low-level office jobs, mostly doing data input and filling out forms. It was not good work, but it paid as well as the fast food and lawn mowing jobs his friends were working, while having the advantage of air-conditioning.

Roy's mother died when he was eighteen. The family, such as it was, had been living for close to ten years on his father's life insurance, and this was nearly exhausted. Aside from his considerable personal savings, the remainder of the family money went to his mother's funeral. After that, Roy moved into a rooming house near the community college where he was studying accounting, and began working part time at an accounting firm.

Only ten months after his mother's death, Roy met Ann, with whom he was immediately smitten.

Roy and Ann

Both describe their meeting as love at first sight. Roy had emerged from his room just as the landlord was showing Ann to hers. He immediately offered to carry her bags up the stairs; and, for conversation topics, offered to show her around the neighborhood. Ann was captivated by the clean-cut, polite young man. The rooming house was in a very poor part of town, where she'd taken refuge out of desperation. Not having much money to speak of, the poor girl was very concerned she would not be able to find work before it ran out.

While Roy was in love with her from the start, he initially made moves to help her get established in the city. The accounting firm he worked for had a client whom he knew was always hiring, and he helped Ann get a job answering phones. He also taught her his many tricks for saving money, and helped her access government programs to get into education. Ann liked how easy he was to talk to and much admired his skill with finances. He reminded her quite a bit of her father, frugal without being 'cheap'.

Ann later recounted that those first few weeks they were 'only kidding themselves' about their growing friendship, and were already madly in love. Since there didn't seem any reason to wait, they were married in 499. By this time, Roy had finished a certification program and gone to work full-time as an accountant. Since they had both 'lost' their parents young in one way or another, neither of them wanted to wait to have children, but were so excited about starting a life together that they had their first child in N.D. 500, naming her Scarlet.

The family was soon to become prosperous. Roy had always been good with money, and had been saving and investing wisely for many years. He and Ann worked hard, and were able to put together a down payment on a nice home in the suburbs, where they lived happily ever after.