The Conditional Continuation

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The Conditional Continuation is the working title for the book series that features Scarlet Jusenkyou in the New Day era following the Long Night and her misadventures.

Since I haven't actually got a title yet, this page is going to be very minimal. Scarlet Jusenkyou is a distant descendant of Hunter who lives during the era of the New Day. This is a hub page for all of the information centered around her books. Unlike the Course Books, these are novels.

Scarlet Book Timeline

"phantasmagorical" us a cool word

Title Ideas

Heart of the Journey for the series and initial name of first book

Then subtitles:

  • Heart of the Journey: the Dragon Stirs
  • Heart of the Journey: the Dragon Wakes
  • Heart of the Journey: the Dragon Walks

Or The Dragon: Heart of the Journey Or Rising Sun: Heart of the Journey


Minor Characters

Hewrot Family

Extremely Minor Characters

  • Delit Sentae Elhos Honoria's suitor that appears briefly in book 2
  • Haplo Goldreich - Earl Marshal for Rowen
  • Daniel Hramond(and his wife Litisha), he is Emmerich Thomson's estate attorney.
  • Old Man Tarlac - the Jusenkyou's neighbor. He is always happy to come outside wielding a shotgun if he feels his neighbors are threatened.
  • Astraya of Rowen - Rowen princess that Nalthaniel is sweet on.
  • Montria of Rowen - a different Rowen princess and next in line for the thrown. Note that her name is legally 'Of Rowen'.
  • Truette of Rowen - yet another princess, slightly older than Astraya
  • Eva Morrow - fashion designer in Arindell, major trend-setter. She gave Scarlet a bunch of formal gowns as free advertising.


Random Stuff that Exists In Universe and I need links to

Dragon Flights

Dragon flights of the greater continent circa ND513:

  • Ozork Flight - now extinct, eerie still exists and is a strict no-go zone
  • Storm Breach Dragon Flight - flight based out of Storm Breach, owns/controls serpentia region
    • at least one as-yet unnamed "satellite" flight of Storm Breach

Book Stats

For quick reference:

  • book1 - 122,000 words - 246 pages
  • book2 - 133,313 words - 260 pages
  • book3 - 109,228 words - 216 pages
  • book4 - 119,591 words - 239 pages - VERY rough draft
  • book5 - 127,014 words - 248 pages - UNFINISHED