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Ammon Simulacrum Senra is a necromancer and semi-professional Foot Kort player. He briefly dated Scarlet Jusenkyou before she became Pendragon. His mother is Fukayna Senra and his father is Heru Senra. His father works in finance and his mother owned a retail clothing store.

Early Life

Ammon was born in Sarlona Bank, a small town inland from the Sword Coast on the Agras Plain. The population numbered just fifteen thousand, with 99.7% being practicing necromancers. An unimportant bedroom community, Sarlona Bank was divided up into neighborhoods and centered around three good-sized Necromancer Temples. As a child he went to an orthodox necromancer elementary school and seldom ventured outside his neighborhood. For the first 15 years of Ammon's life, his entire world was a few dozen streets of his small town and the same 60 kids he'd known since kindergarten.

Necromancer schools are often better than publicly-funded institutions, so he received a good education. In addition, both his parents worked and made a good living, and so were able to afford many creature comforts and to take the family on nice vacations. By the age of 15 Ammon had been off-world six times and had traveled to Modia and Serpentia. His parents however favored the resorts on Half-Haul Canal, which Ammon found boring and a little beneath him, especially as he got older. An inquisitive child, he enjoyed museums and cultural things when traveling.

Personality and Temperament

In his home town, Ammon was known as a shy and quiet child. He got on well with his school mates but had few close friends. He was sensitive and did not do well with teasing, making it difficult for him to find a place in the already cliquish necromancer society. Further distancing himself, he did not find much solace in the orthodoxy of necromancer rituals, though he did have a profound interest in the history of his people. This was the main issue that put him at odds with his peers: necromancer belief and necromancer history do not often agree with each other. Being more interested in the actual facts of his people's past than in the stories, he clashed frequently with both the other children and his teachers. When he was nine, Ammon openly asked a priest about the Feast of Aeons, for which he was harshly rebuked. This incident deeply embarrassed Ammon and branded him firmly an outsider. He was often derisively called Tan'nesh by children he once considered close friends. This led to his often shy and introverted demeanor, being known for sitting in a corner reading books instead of joining in.

Interestingly, this behavior was at-odds with what his 'vacation friends' would have said about him. When the family visited Half Haul Canal to stay at the resorts, Ammon became a warm, outgoing kid who made friends quickly and reveled in every activity.

Ammon did not embrace the spiritual side of necromancy as a youth. After completing the appropriate rites of passage, he continued to attend rituals at the request of his father, but did not count himself among the faithful.

Move to Arindell

In N.D. 515, the Senra family pulled up stakes and moved to Arindell. It was a significant upgrade for them. Ammon's father, Heru, had been offered a very good job working for High Mountain Bank and Trust as a long-term financial manager (a job the dragons particularly enjoy employing necromancers for, as they can be consulted after their deaths). His mother sold the store and made plans to open a new one in Arindell. Ammon, meanwhile, recognized the move as a chance to reinvent himself. In a new city he could be anyone he wanted, and the denser population meant he could make new friends as needed and not be tied to the same small group forever.

Henra was also keen to join the main necromancer temple in Arindell, which he believed to be significant. As the oldest surviving temple in the known worlds, he wasn't wrong. Though not a major seat of power within the orthodox temple structure, Arindell is important and contains some of the oldest and wisest Necrosages.

Relationship with Scarlet Jusenkyou

Ammon first caught sight of Scarlet on his second day in Arindell, at the necromancer temple. Her appearance reminded him of a girl back home with whom he had been infatuated, but had never had the courage to ask out. As step one of reinventing himself, he walked boldly up to Scarlet and told her his name and that he was new in town. They got to talking, and she agreed to show him around the city. After spending some time together as friends, they began to date.

Hobbies and Interests

Ammon has a keen eye for stonework and at least a passing interest in the art of masonry. Not enough to take it up as a trade, but he finds the act of cutting stone fascinating.

Ammon is also interested in the "true" history of Necromancy, and just historical minutia in general.