Eva Morrow

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Eva Morrow is a fashion designer living and working in Arindell during the fifth century N.D.. Though on the fringes of the mainstream fashion industry, she is well-known for her strong opinions and uncompromising ethics when it comes to style. She is very vocal in particular against the sexualization of young girls.

Her fashions are meant to appear elegant and sophisticated, with a Golden Age flair, without requiring a specific body type. Though she designs a wide range of fashions, she is best known for a line of evening gowns aimed at young teen girls. Her dresses all come in two pieces and have many adjustable portions, making it easier to look good during that troublesome time of puberty.

In N.D. 514, Scarlet Jusenkyou receives several designer gowns from Eva Morrow as a gift to encourage brand identity, with Scarlet being a well-known public figure.