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Leeta Mastero (stage name Alita) is a singer/song writer and contemporary of Scarlet Jusenkyou. She was born in N.D. 497 and is the daughter of a prominent washed-up musician. Her father was a famous singer and fronted a series of bands. Her mother was a groupie who abandoned her to her father's care when she was a few months old. Her father will, if pressed, admit he does not know exactly who Leeta's mother is, or if she is even his child, but will testify he was with a large number of groupies and 'never once wore a condom'. Leeta is a much more accomplished and talented singer in her own right, and is quite wealthy.

Early Life

Leeta's mother was allegedly a 'groupie', and abandoned her to her father's care when she was around four months old. She was raised by nannies and care givers, then warehoused in boarding schools and summer camps until she was ten. Around this time, her father's career (in steady decline for years) fell apart completely, along with his personal life. The man had long struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, and this had finally come to a head, forcing him into a rehabilitation program. While still recovering, he heard his daughter singing during a rare visit to the house, and declared she 'had talent'.

Music Career

Leeta was pulled out of school and privately tutored while her father devoted himself full-time to her singing career. He had access to excellent vocal coaches and many inroads in the industry. Leeta said of this time, he 'replaced his addiction with me' and claims she was quite miserable. By the age of 15, she was making regular public appearances, often opening for bands her father had headlined, and doing well. She cut her first album at this time, and became a teen-singing sensation.

At the age of 16, Leeta had a public and much maligned breakdown with her father. She had herself legally emancipated and fired him as her manager, hiring instead an industry veteran. While Leeta has refused to comment on the nature of the altercation, she has stated publicly it was 'far and away the correct decision'. Once free of her father's influences, her career accelerated rapidly, and by eighteen she was fabulously wealthy and popular all over the Alliance.


Leeta writes most of her own songs, but has professional composers create music to back her. She usually plays with a live band in performances, but for recording sessions hires only the best studio musicians, many of whom she never meets personally. Despite her outward persona, she has a reputation as a diligent perfectionist in her professional work.

Personal Life

Leeta has always maintained that her personal life is to be kept out of the media. While she has been romantically linked to celebrities and other notable people, she refuses to comment on the nature of these relationships and is very mindful of paparazzi. She absolutely hates scandal rags.

Due to her experiences with her father, Leeta has very dim views on recreational substance abuse, and is involved in numerous anti-drug programs. Her live concerts have a zero-tolerance policy, no exceptions. Leeta herself will not even consume caffeine and avoids processed sugars and foods. She is very particular regarding her diet, and while she does not cook for herself has a state-of-the-art kitchen. She is fond of celebrity chefs and has a standing invitation to any who are interested: "If you cook for me I'll sing for you!".