Babbette Lewis

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Babbette Lewis was born in N.D. 435. She grew up in a house nextdoor to Sandra Day, who would later become the mother of Royland Jusenkyou. Babbette and Sandra were best friends from infancy, and Babbette was even responsible for introducing Sandra to Ruben Jusenkyou.

Babbette worked as an exotic animal groomer.

Relationship with Roy

Babbette was around throughout most of Roy Jusenkyou's childhood and often tagged along on family vacations. She was his godmother and helped out quite a bit with raising him. Despite their close relationship, Roy still refers to her as "Ms. Lewis", a long-time running joke between them.

Although Roy was an adult and self-sufficient when his mother passed, Babbette still honored her commitment to look after him, and stayed a close fixture in his life. When Roy and Ann were married, Babbette gave them the guest house on her property to live in while they raised money for a home of their own. She also babysat the infant Scarlet quite frequently. Though she never had any children of her own, she filled in the role of grandmother quite admirably.

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