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Mrs. Masel Mayfield Simpson is a professional nanny hired by Amarir Tenzeki to watch over Fia.

Early Life

Masel Mayfield was born in Arindell and has been a lifelong resident. She was raised lower-middle class: her father worked at Dragonland amusement park and her mother was a home-maker. The family rented out rooms in the house and her mother occasionally worked part-time to make ends meet, but was always home.


Masel had her first job at fifteen, working in an after-school daycare for the primary students at the K-12 school she attended. She kept this job through graduation, and found work at a private boarding elementary school. While the job paid well, she hated it, and found it deplorable that anyone would send such young children to be raised by strangers.

She began her first job as a governess at the age of twenty-one. It was a live-in job and allowed her to save quite a bit of money. Ostensibly she was saving for school, but really she had found her true calling. She felt that, as a nanny, she could make it possible for parents to keep their children at home, and remove the need for boarding schools.

At the age of twenty-eight, Masel married Marcel Simpson, a butler at the house she was then working at. Since they both worked for the same family, and Marcel lived on the estate, she was able to keep her job for another four years. By then the children she was caring for no longer needed a full-time governess, and she was ready to have children of her own.

Teaching Career

Needing work, Masel secured a substitute teaching credential and taught part-time while she and Marcel made a family. Masel had always been a shrewd penny-pincher and had considerable savings, which allowed them to live comfortably on the reduced income.


When her own children were 12 and 14, Masel purchased a daycare, which she then turned into a private preschool. She put her own kids to work helping with it, and paid them for their time.

Family Life

Her eldest, a son, joined the TDF space navy, where he was awarded a bronze star for heroism. He was later killed by space pirates. The medal, included with his personal effects, became Masel's dearest keepsake, and she wore it always. Since her daughter was this time away at school, Masel returned to working as a live-in governess, a job she had always adored.

Later Life

Criminal Record

Mrs. Mayfield was convicted of second-degree abuse of a corpse, fined 1 wingbeat, and sentenced to 1 month of parole. The story is as follows: one of her charges was the victim of an attempted kidnapping. The child-grabber placed a gun to a little girl's head. Mayfield drew her own weapon, and, according to eye-witness testimony, "without breaking stride, placed a bullet between the man's eyes". She then shot him a second time through the heart, "just to be sure".

The kidnapper's family initially wanted her prosecuted for manslaughter, but the courts ruled the use of deadly force was reasonable. The family then argued that the first shot was warranted, but the second went "over and above" a reasonable application of force and that she should be punished. The judge examined the case, listened to Mayfield's testimony, and ruled that no case for manslaughter existed. While it could have gone to trial, Mayfield instead pled guilty to abuse of a corpse, simply to be done with the matter.

In another incident, she shot a would-be mugger in the kneecap. No charges were filed. Mayfied's weapon of choice is a .45 single-action revolver, though she is in possession of a sizable arsenal.