Amarir Tenzeki

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Amarir Tenzeki is the Light Bearer of Slayer Dragons during the New Day. He is the last Light Bearer before the return of the Pendragon.

Early Life

Amarir was the youngest of three children, and lived on the outskirts of Arindell. His family never had much money; his mother chose to stay home and his father was never successful at any of his endeavors. There was always food on the table, and the children always had shoes and clothing, but it was a very meager existence.

Both of Amarir's parents were religious: the family lived near the Tabernacle in Arindell, and attended services regularly. His father would often lament how much he wished for the simple life of a gardener at the Tabernacle. While he never expressed any remorse over having a family, he wished gardening for the church paid well enough to support them.

Amarir's elder siblings were much older than he, with a brother fifteen years older and a sister seven. He was not well-treated by his siblings, who regarded him as "the baby of the family". His brother had already moved out by the time Amarir was three, and resented being asked by his parents to watch his siblings as they could never afford childcare. Amarir's brother had a girlfriend who was physically abusive to Amarir and his sister, and to whom Amarir first stood up to at the age of five. He earned a black eye and a permanent scar for his trouble, but succeeded in having the young woman banned from the house.

Throughout much of Amarir's childhood, his father ran a small, unsuccessful landscaping business. It did succeed in putting food on the table, but the family was always struggling for money. His father often commented that he hated not being a better provider for his children, but tending grounds was the one way he could find solace.

Initiate Training

At the age of ten, Amarir began training as an initiate at the Tabernacle, in the hopes of one day becoming a Paladin. At eleven, his sister moved out, and his parents, both devout clerics, sought permission to become full-time attendants at the Tabernacle. Normally, such a capacity was not available to families with children not yet grown. Amarir was granted special dispensation to become a full-time initiate. This is normally restricted for children who have a home outside the church they can go to if dismissed from training.

While an Initiate, Amarir met Tortuga Galilee, a somewhat older boy who was also a full-time initiate. As both were devout clerics, they became fast friends, and had a sort of race going to see who could be confirmed as a Paladin first. They gained quite a bit of respect from their trainers, as the only two adolescents who could be seen arguing scripture.

Tortuga eventually won their little competition, as a Paladin at the age of sixteen, but Amarir remaining with the program for a further two years.

Slayer Dragon Training

Amarir and Tortuga were in constant competition. Working with other initiates, the pair had mapped a large set of tunnels connected to the Tabernacle and stretching beneath the city of Arindell. These tunnels dated to the old city and before, and as such were quite deep underground and not connected to the new sewer systems. As teenagers, the pair would draw armor and weapons from the stores, descend into the tunnels, and leave behind markers. Other initiates would then have to retrieve those markers in order to prove their mettle.

While playing this game at the age of seventeen, Amarir became lost on the tunnels, deep beneath the city and many miles from the Tabernacle. By chance, he found his way into a sub-basement beneath Valley Gale Keep where he happened upon some Slayer Dragon trainees preforming a secret initiation of their own, who kindly led him to the surface.

While many commentators of the era were quick to claim Amarir went to the Keep because he had "lost the race" with Tortuga, the truth, in his own words, is quite simply that, upon passing through the training area, he felt more drawn to the Order of Slayer Dragons than he did that of the Cardinal Star. At seventeen, Amarir abandoned his initiate training and began to pursue The Trials.

Slayer Dragon

Amarir was anointed at the age of twenty-two, and became Light Bearer at thirty-four.