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Knowlegium is a knowledge-based skills competition held at junior high and highschool levels on the Greater Continent and centered in Arindell, primarily during the New Day. The concept was originally laid down by Conri Jusenkyou, who felt that intellectual competitions were much more important for education than sports.

Team Layout

Teams consist of nine "experts" each of whom specializes in one of three different areas: math, science, and history. Nominally, this means three specialists for each category, but there is no rule against cross-specialization and the entire team always competes as a unit.

Tournament Structure

Knowlegium tournaments have three parts: question and answer, prepared remarks, and debate.

  • The Q&A section is essentially a quiz game where two teams compete against each other to answer questions.
  • Prepared Remarks involves giving the team a topic to speak on, with only an hour and no outside resources to put together a short lecture on. This round is not scored directly against a competing team but by a panel of judges.
  • Debate pits two teams against each other similar to Q&A but has them debating an often controversial topic from one of the fields. This is more challenging than typical debate competitions as the teams will not be given the topic ahead of time, have no access to outside sources, and may not even be required to chose a specific 'side'. The competition is more a test of who can make their point more clearly, eloquently, and best-cited.

The three rounds are not each devoted to a single field, meaning